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  1. yott

    Student Looking for Help

    As a child, I was captured by games like strategy. Especially I was impressed by the game "Sid Meier's Civilization". Perhaps, then it all looked not quite realistic, but cool. Beautiful maps. I think it influenced me and afterwards I started to study design myself. It was hard to master this case, therefore at the beginning I used [spam link deleted by moderator]. Here is a good community that can help in any business and you can find a mentor who will guide you.
  2. yott

    Which SEGA Games do You Love Most?

    Only Super Mario)
  3. yott

    Space Colonization and the Future

    I hope Mask's plans, about Mars to be realized.
  4. yott

    Grown out of playing games

    I have not played games for a long time. The last game was Dead Space.
  5. yott

    At what time do you sleep and wake up?

    Go to bed at 00:00, and get up at 9:00. But I want to get up early.
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