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  1. Hello! I am fully aware, especially based on previous topics, that AI programming is not an entry level job. Starting at gameplay programmer and working my way into a specialization seems to be the most popular bit of advice and I am taking that to heart. However, I do have a few more questions regarding AI programming and how to get there. 1. What are the best resources for me to get more familiar with this specialization? Something beginner for learning AI, that assumes you already are comfortable with programming. Is there a favored book on the subject? 2. What would be the best way to build my portfolio for this specialization? Is just having the blueprints or code generally good enough, or should I be building levels that can show off what my little buddies can do? 3. I have used behavior trees before. Should I move off of those and on to state machines? How do they compare in usefulness for medium to larger scale games? Thank you!
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