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  1. Hi there, I'm working on an web RPG. This is not and action RPG. The problem is I work full-time as a software developer and while I may get some code for the game done at work, I'm still a little short on time. So I'm looking for a second programmer to help me out. Please no beginners. I prefer working with someone who has built a full game (client, game server, web services, db) Requirements: Proficient in C# Proficient in .Net Core 2.X Experience with ASP.Net Core MVC Experience with ASP.Net Core Web API Experience with Unity 2018 Proficient in SQL and SQLite Proficient in EntityFramework Experience in AWS (RDS and EC2) Experience with IIS I'll handle the cost of any third-party services, domain names, etc. I'm just looking for a little help to get this game built in a reasonable amount of time. It will also be nice to bounce some ideas off each other. If you are interested, please send me an email:
  2. addictCoderCS

    VERY EXPERIENCED C# Programmer needed

    Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, my Killer hardware is the hardware that aws has allowed me to use on the free tier (until I can get a game that could bring in some income and afford the better/faster shit). However, I'm just looking for the experience... right now. There may be up to 10 people playing this to test it. Also, just wanted to add a few things. My client application doesn't have knowledge of the db. That's what the web services/api is for. The client sends a user login request to the api endpoint. The api handles the login and sends a response back to the client. I was thinking about using SQL because I don't believe the db will be queried too often. Think of like a game of pong. The game server will handle the match between the two players, after the game is over, the server will send the result of the match to the api. Api stores the stats and updates player data. I should have mentioned that I'm not trying to build a WoW clone. Just a little something to get some experience in building a game server. However, now that you bring up the sql thing, what would you recommend if I needed something faster? Would a node sever and mongoDB suffice? If not, give me an idea of what you think would work for something like an mmorpg. Again, Thanks for the tips.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a programmer to help me with a specific task that I need experience in to continue my current project. A little bit about me, I'm a full-time software developer. I create business application using the .Net stack. I'm trying to transition into the indie game dev world because I hate building boring business applications. Also, I don't want to work for anyone other than myself. Task: Building a game server for a test networked Unity3D game. What I have: SQL Server to login using test accounts. Test SQL Database Windows server to host the game server. (I think this what you use, then again, that's why I'm posting this ad) Web Services/API to handle interactions with the DB Unity3D test project Details: We will need to create a login controller in the client application. After a successful login, we need to grab the player's data from the db and load it in client. When the player joins the game, we need to connect them to the game server... then do whatever the game server does. This is only a test project. I'd like to get the experience by building this with someone who has built a multiplayer game before. I'd like to take this experience and apply it to my main project. I'm not opposed to bringing on another programmer to my main project. So if we work well together and you would like to work on the game with me, let's team up. If not, that's completely fine. Ask me about "Rev-share."
  4. Hi there,I'm in need of a dedicated artist who wants to help in the development of a game for switch.Stylized/Cartoony style is preferred.Requirements:Quality 2D Character designAbility to create custom weapons and armor + animating themExperience with 2D puppet riggingBonus:Experience creating 3D environment objects. Exterior and InteriorPlease do not respond if you don't have the time to dedicate to a larger size project.If you aren't good with 2D art and animation, but great with 3D environment objects, you can still contact me.If you're interested, contact me at addictcodercs@gmail.comPlease send portfolio. Bonus for animated art. Double bonus for characters switching gear. Triple bonus for animated characters switching gear. Thank you all,_addictCoder
  5. addictCoderCS

    2D Artist Needed

    Hey all, I'm currently working on a medieval web game. I'm in need of character art and ui art. I don't care if it's realistic or stylized. There is no animation. Experience in front-end technologies(html, css, javascript, jquery, ajax) would be a bonus. If you don't have front-end experience, it's not a problem. I can handle it all, I just hate front end. Work I've already completed: Stood up sql server and sql database. Developed API to be consumed by game using OAuth Developed class library to send requests and receive responses from API. I'm a very experienced programmer. This isn't a project started by a self taught beginner programmer. I've already sunk some money into the project and am very serious about completing it. I know I could get some free art online to get the job done, but I figured I'd give an artist a chance to showcase their work on a published project. This is not a Unity or Unreal project. What I need: 2D Artist with experience in character art. Experience in 2D environment art. Experience creating UI elements for web. Front-end experience a plus, but not needed.
  6. Hey GameDev Community, Like the title says, I'm just looking for a small, 2D, WebGL, Unity project. Maybe a small 20 level platformer/shooter, a clicker, a small project that I can bust out really quick while I still have free time. I've been programming for 6 years. I have a lot of free time and tend to spend 10-12 hours a day programming. Currently just programming random crap just to test out cool things. If you're a 2D artist/animator, or a team in need of a programmer, send me a message. Remember, small project please. Not your 17D, Action Packed, VR, MMORPG/FPS, Ultramega, game for GameBoy Color. Thanks everyone!
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