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  1. ilovegames

    Acrophobia Ball

    Acrophobia ball is a 3D arcade game where you dangle over the precipice, maneuvering a large shiny ball. Collect all of the crystals in each of the ten levels. The levels consist of large unusual structures, which are located right in midair. This gives the game a special atmosphere and charm. Despite the arcade gameplay in this game, you never can lose altogether as you can always restart a level until you beat it. Increase your balancing skill with each level, and master what at first glance appeared impossible. Download https://falcoware.com/AcrophobiaBall.php
  2. "15 Defense. Underwater Battle" This game gets you plunged into a tough fight on the bottom of some imaginary sea. Octopuses, piranhas and shark attacks won't leave you a spare sec! Move your jellyfishes and charge them to defend your small 4x4-cell kingdom. Counteract: freeze your enemies, sniper-shoot them and run away from their agression. Collect pearls, get money and upgrade your skills and talents to boost up your attacks and survival time. Improve your results and compete with your friends! Features: Endless game ("Survival" and "Waves"). Variety of ancillary skills. Mischievous foes. Table achievements - to fulfill the mission. Download https://falcoware.com/15Defense.php
  3. ilovegames

    Just Survive

    Ruined houses, empty streets, and those who once lived in peace here. Now they have only one goal, and that is to survive at all costs! Can you survive in the land of the dead, joining the uncompromising struggle for survival? Think like Zombies, with thirst and hunger being your main enemies. Look fast, because someone might already be taking aim at you from behind. After all, he, too, wants to survive, just like you. be cunning, unscrupulous, and cruel, just like any other player. Prove to everyone that you are the best. Explore a huge game world, find provisions, weapons and new friends. And remember that only the dead cannot lie! Download https://falcoware.com/JustSurvive.php
  4. ilovegames


    You play as an engineer who studies the equipment on someone else's planet in the distant future. Suddenly you discovered that this planet is infected by terrible insects! Beat the waves of enemies and destroy the cocoons from which they climb. Buy weapons and equipment, and install protective turrets to deter attackers! Download https://falcoware.com/Infestation.php
  5. ilovegames

    Black Hawk Down

    You are a pilot of a US Army attack helicopter. During an assignment in the rear of the enemy position, your helicopter was hit. Now your task is to hold out until the arrival of a rescue team and get to the point of evacuation. Good luck! Download https://falcoware.com/BlackHawkDown.php
  6. ilovegames

    Zombie City

    The experiment with obtaining a vaccine that promised immortality ended in failure and a virus spread on Earth, a virus that infects people and turns them into zombies. You play as a soldier who wants to survive at any cost. Confront not only zombies, but other mutated creatures as well. Stay alive and clear the city of zombies! Download https://falcoware.com/ZombieCity.php
  7. ilovegames

    Drunk West

    What can possibly go wrong if you are the most dangerous duck digger of the wild west, and are going to dig up another goldmine? Absolutely nothing, of course! Except for the attack of a mad scientist, who is trying to return a bush to his town. * Complete destruction of the bar! * Unique enemies! * Unique improvements for the bar! * A bunch of hats! * Guns, pistols...and a cannon! * The experience of feeling like a duck! Download https://falcoware.com/DrunkWest.php
  8. ilovegames

    Su27 Strike

    Take the controls of the legendary Su 27 fighter and destroy as many enemies as possible. In your arsenal will be a powerful machine gun, a bunch of rockets and weapons, many enemies and a flying atmosphere. Maneuver the super machine and prove who is the master of the skies. Download https://falcoware.com/Su27Strike.php
  9. ilovegames


    Siege is a tactical shooter with a first-person view. You must take part in hot and dangerous skirmishes with special forces that are armed to the teeth. Find weapons on the battlefield to increase your firepower. Ready for war? Then get ready to battle for survival. Download https://falcoware.com/Siege.php
  10. ilovegames

    Star Fighter

    Your home planet was attacked. Now you have to use your spaceship to battle the invaders. Powerful 3D arcade with outer space background. Very addictive. Good luck! Download https://falcoware.com/StarFighter.php
  11. ilovegames

    Attack Of Mutants

    Attack Of Mutants is an adrenaline - powered and bloody shooter in with lots of horror and action! Beat back the waves of opponents. The game features a lot of weapons and types of enemies. Show them what you are capable of. Prove your power and strength! Download https://falcoware.com/AttackOfMutants.php
  12. ilovegames


    BOOM is a multiplayer shooter that takes place on one of the satellites of Saturn. Destroy your enemies using your large arsenal! The game features excellent graphics and a spacious map. Good luck fighter! Controls: W - Forward S - Backward A - Left D - Right SPACE - Jump Enter - Chat LBM - Shot RBM - Sight V - Third party Download https://falcoware.com/rus/BOOM.php
  13. ilovegames

    Night Survival

    Please delete, dublicate.
  14. ilovegames

    Hospital Survival

    You are the commander of a special forces squadron. You were given a task that appeared simple at first glance - to check for suspicious activity in the building of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. But you could not even imagine what you will actually have to face. Download https://falcoware.com/HospitalSurvival.php
  15. ilovegames

    Night Survival

    You find yourself in an abandoned place full of mutants in the dead of night, and have to kill waves of monsters with a different kind of weapon. The main goal is to survive through the night. Controls: WASD – Walk Shift – Run Mouse1 - Attack Space - Jump Scroll Down – Change weapon Esc - Exit, pause Download https://falcoware.com/NightSurvival.php
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