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  1. PlatinumLifeOW

    Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    I'm particularly fond of your cows. Pretty funny.
  2. PlatinumLifeOW

    Is this sprite anim ok?

    I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like there is a frame where he is a couple of pixels higher than the others. It could be like when a person runs it does sort of look like they have a little hop. Then again, I don't think that's what you were going for.
  3. Generally, they all seem like something a sci-fi pirate would say. However, are you planning to have voice acting in the game? If so, that would probably give us more of an idea of how each line would be delivered in your game.
  4. PlatinumLifeOW

    Ninja Surfer GIF

    Hey! I wanted to show off a GIF here from Archeylte Entertainment Studios' Ninja Surfer, an endless runner, and see what you guys thought of it. It will be coming out very soon for iOS and Android!
  5. PlatinumLifeOW

    Ninja Surfer!

    Hey everyone - I wanted to share Archelyte Entertainment Studios and their action-packed endless runner game Ninja Surfer on iOS and Android You're a Ninja who rides a missile through space that can slice through asteroids, navigate minefields, battle huge star ships, and more! Have you guys checked it out yet? Would love to hear your feedback.
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