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  1. Ooh, I see. Thank you for the answer Apoch! Cool to see that you have written your own Epoch language! Indeed, the language which I'm working on already has composition and polymorphism before I came to add inheritance to it. But now you can create a new script object extending another user-created script object and classes written in code but the only thing is polymorphism doesn't work between script objects and coded classes. I'll just leave it like that unless someone asks for it. Also thanks to Alpha_ProgDes, frob and Khatharr for discussing polymorphism.
  2. Hi, I've been working on extending an existing scripting language which lacks some important features, especially classes and inheritance. To implement that feature, I have used a approach similar to how they did it with Lua tables. It turned out pretty good. But I wanted more, I want scripted classes to be able to inherit from real classes like a Lua table extending a C++ class. However, I realized that would be impossible or at least take a good amount of time to implement. I haven't made many games so I can't answer this question myself: Is the ability to inherit from real classes expected from a scripting language? If not, it would save me plenty of time. And I think, if someone really needs that feature, they are probably write too much in scripts instead of code. What's your idea on this? Thanks for your time. TL;DR: Is the ability of scripted classes to inherit from real classes necessary for a scripting language?
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