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  1. Touny

    A new video

    Thank you for your response. I will be awaiting for a patreon or a similar page.
  2. Touny

    A new video

    Great Job ! Are there any ways we could contribute to the game?
  3. Well, I conclude that I begin with Lua language first then go back to Love2D, Thank you any way and I will take this into my account, But my note that coding games is different from coding other apps, so, I will miss a lot of gaming development concepts which will hinder my ability to read source code of Love2D examples or even when I try to code on my own.
  4. could you suggest some resources -especially for a programmer- ?
  5. Hello, First of all, Thank you for your support, Totally appreciated, I have started programming couple of months ago and at this moment I am using love2d framework for lua language but the problem is I cannot find sufficient resources to keep moving. I have visited Amazon and Google Play Books in order to find books but unfortunately found roughly one or two books for beginners. I searched in MOOC -open online courses- and found literally nothing I googled "love2d examples" and found source code for attractive games in addition to Github but It was difficult for me to read the whole script. I googled "love2d tutorials" and after striving I found one useful webpage on Github which I am currently using but looks like It is an exception of the rule of not finding. I googled a simple common mechanic like collision "How to code collision in love2d" but the results required someone who is experienced to make any sense of them. I won't give up on my dream but I need someone to guide me towards the right path, I have thought of switching to another framework or engine like unity in regard to its huge community but C# was quite advanced So I determined that unity will be my next step after mastering friendly beginner language like lua or python. Thank you
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