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  1. Hi guys, I'm excited to announce the release of my very first indie game Lost Forest TD. This project is a "one man show" and so far I've been personally responsible for each and every phase of the development process. I'm constantly updating and improving it, so your comments, constructive criticism and contributions are invaluable to me. Lost Forest TD is a 100% offline Tower Defense game, which supports leader-boards, where each player gets to upload score and compete with others. Free to play.This new spin on the classic tower defense genre throws the player into the role of a Forest Keeper charged with creating a deadly path and defeating waves of enemies efficiently and creatively enough to protect the children, seeking shelter in the castle. The combination of unique enemies with various skills, insane weapons of destruction and unbelievable variety of defense towers with multiple upgrade levels guarantee addictive gameplay and challenge players to keep their towers intact and stop any foe from crossing the game field. Smart strategy to dominate the opponents and sufficient forest power points will let the player progress through the levels. AppStore link Google Play link Game Trailer Gameplay Let's Play Thanks for checking my post!
  2. SamSumSi

    Building Block Heroes - Choosing an Art Style

    It sure was a fun read, but moreover you did an amazing job! Good luck with your project!
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