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  1. bonixmusic

    Cinematic enough or too much? Choir / Orchestra

    Yep, working with virtual instruments can sometimes be a little problematic! Hopefully next time I'll hire a full orchestra!
  2. bonixmusic

    Cinematic enough or too much? Choir / Orchestra

    Hi Jkuehlin, Thanks for taking the time to listen to the track(s). I'm using the VI's from the EW Cloud sub. For mixing, i referenced multiple sources, including LOTR and I'm not sure of the others. I pushed the vocals back as to 'hide' the 'midi'. (If that makes since...). Plus I did want them pushed back a little bit anyways for the overall feel, but perhaps I pushed them too far back?! This was my first real attempt at putting higher quality choirs/vocals. Probably more practice would allow me to push them up front a little bit more. I've uploaded the file here with an audio watermark. Thanks again! Kingdom of Light High Elves Theme.mp3
  3. bonixmusic

    Cinematic enough or too much? Choir / Orchestra

    Thanks for the constructive feedback Nathan!
  4. Would be interested in getting some feedback on the last piece I worked on called 'High Elves Theme'. Some production and orchestration tips are welcome as i'm trying to get to the next level! It's the first song on the list: https://bonixmusic.com/kingdom-of-light-premium-edition Thanks for listening! Peter
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