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  1. Hello everybody, I've been a bloody problem for a few days now. I created a button in LibGDX. This button I have packed on a table and the table I have packed on a stack and the stack again to a stage. The problem is that I have to push a few pixels next to the button in order to erase. That means when I press exactly on the button nothing happens. I will copy here the times the appropriate code slightly shortened. I could also shorten the code a bit. public class HUD implements Disposable { PlayScreen screen; public static Stage stage; private Viewport viewport; private Stack stack; public HUD(PlayScreen screen, SpriteBatch sb) { this.screen = screen; viewport = new FitViewport(PlayScreen.V_WIDTH, PlayScreen.V_HEIGHT, new OrthographicCamera()); stage = new Stage(viewport, sb); stack = new Stack(); // This is the Stack stack.setFillParent(true); stack.addActor(buildHudLayer()); // Here I add another Table to the Stack stack.addActor(buildButtonLayer()); // Here I add the Table with the Button to the Stack stage.addActor(stack); // Here I add the Stack to the Stage PlayScreen.multiplexer.addProcessor(stage); // Here I add the input of the Stage to an InputMultiplexer screen.setInput(); } private Label fpsLabel; private Label levelLabel; private Table buildHudLayer() { // This is another table Table table = new Table(); table.top(); fpsLabel = new Label(Gdx.graphics.getFramesPerSecond() + "fps", new Label.LabelStyle(new BitmapFont(), Color.BLACK)); levelLabel = new Label(Masterrunner.currentLevel + " - " + Masterrunner.currentLevel, new Label.LabelStyle(new BitmapFont(), Color.BLACK)); table.add(fpsLabel).expandX(); table.add(levelLabel).expandX(); return table; } private Table buildButtonLayer() { Table table = new Table(); // Here I create the table table.setFillParent(true); table.setDebug(true); table.top(); Button.ButtonStyle style = new Button.ButtonStyle(); // This is the Button style.up = new TextureRegionDrawable(PlayScreen.atlas.findRegion("Pause")); style.down = new TextureRegionDrawable(PlayScreen.atlas.findRegion("Pause1")); Button pauseButton = new Button(style); table.add(pauseButton).size(20, 20); // Here I add the Button to the Table return table; // Here I return the Table } public void update() { fpsLabel.setText(Gdx.graphics.getFramesPerSecond() + "fps"); levelLabel.setText(Masterrunner.currentWorld.getName() + " - " + Masterrunner.currentLevel); stage.act(); } public void render() { stage.draw(); } } I hope the information is sufficient, if not corrected me please. Dear greetings UbuLin ;D
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