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  1. Hi, I'd like to implment bloom with a different amout of blurring per object. All the tutorials about bloom I found are global, they just render all the blooming objects in one RT, apply the same amount of blur to them and add to the original image. Let's say I have a laser and a pistol, but the laser makes much more light than the pistol when shooting, so I want the laser to have much stronger bloom effect. If I have lot of these different glowing objects, what is a good way to solve this problem? Since the bloom effect can be quite large I'd like to do the bluring not in single/vert/horz pass, but iteratively via Kawase Bloom. I was thinking about smth. like this.: 1. render objects and write the bloom strength in a stencil buffer (let's say strength can be integer from 1 to 10) 2. blur pixel with the Kawase 4 pixel kernels, but use only pixels that have stencil bigger than 1 3. write blurred value and find maximum stencil strength of the pixels used in kernel, decrease it by 1 and write to stencil 4. repeat from step 2, until some max limit (let's say 10) But I still see some potential issues, not sure if this would work, does anybody have an idea how to do different amount of glow per object? I don't care about the correctnes, I'm more interested in performance.
  2. Pathfinding Eikonal vs Grass Fire Algorithm

    Hi, thx for the explanation, yes it was just a confusion what eikonal equation is, since they added the whitepaper that describes how to solve it with the Fast Iterative Method, but apparently they didn't use it at all, but what they wrote in your quoted part, it's simple "brushfire" alg.
  3. Hi, I was reading Game AI Pro how they implemented Supreme Commander path finding and came to one question. For the integration of cost field they are using Eikonal equation for traversing the areas. They recommended Fast Iterative Method and it's parallel version for solving this equation. However in all basic tutorials of flow field navigation that I found for integrating of the cost field is used simple grass/brush fire algorithm. My question is what would be the difference if they used in the game just grass fire algorithm? I guess the reason was some quality/performance trade of. Fortunately the Fast Iterative Method is very easy to implement so I can compare the performance, but what I don't understand is, what is the "quality" benefit.