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  1. PersuaderGames

    I DRAW FOR YOU for the sake of experience

    Hello @GhostarWhite7 ! I am working with a few friends on a classic adventure game located in the snowy mountains. We are working on concept art at the moment, maybe you can help us creating more ideas and creative concepts? You can write me anytime for more information : )
  2. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    You gave me some food for thought here for sure. For now I have only thought about how the side characters act and behave towards the main character, but not about their relationship among each other. Very interesting to think of them as pairs or clusters, agonizing or sympathising with each other. Especially in the context of my project this could lead to a lot more depth. I already have a specific game mechanic implemented for sympathies towards the main character, expanding this for all characters will be interesting. Thanks for the help! @ViolentSleepBtw, I would really like to check out your work. Could you point me towards a website or something where I can check it out?
  3. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    Damn... That is some of the best advise for narration and story building I have ever seen. Approaching a story through the characters is quite interesting. Of course I already have an good idea who my main characters are from a personality point of view, but I am struggeling with creating interesting side characters. I know this might sound a bit... strange, but do you have a tip on how many characters a good, dense narrative needs? Giving some technical and genre related constraints, I know I cannot go for more than 2 main + 8 side characters. However, I was wondering how low I can go and still have enough "meat". Do you think players would accept 4 side characters + 2 main characters for a story driven game or is that just too low? Really cool idea for the character generator as inspiration! Did you have anything specific in mind? Thanks for your help!!
  4. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    What do you advise me to focus on: The personality of the character or their background? Some games focus heavily on the background, while others have rich personalities without any. I feel like personality (appearance, language used) is more easily accessible for players, since you can convey a lot visually or acoustically. But I am not sure about preferences in general. Thank you so much for your help!
  5. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    Actually, that is exactly where my inspiration comes from. I am a huge Agatha Christie fan since forever =] Case Closed (Detective Conan) also has some episode inspired by this book. I am trying to come up with a similar plot line, but I need a scenario that is updated and for I just cant come up with any good characters... Any idea?
  6. PersuaderGames

    Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

    Hello everyone! I am working on developing a prototype on a classic adventure game at the moment. Most of my focus was so far on the game mechanics and performance. However, now that I am going deeper into the project I am starting to think about the actual story. I want to combine the Adventure genre with a Whodunnit story. Here is the gist I have so far: 8 strangers meet at a remote chalet in the Swiss Alpes. During a snowstorm the group is isolated from the outside. Slowly the group notices that they are not alone, but someone else is present. And that dreadful feeling becomes a certainty when one of the group is found, murdered. Unfortunately, I have hit a creative roadblock. I did not come up with any ideas characters, character development and overarching themes. Does anyone have any tips for me where to find inspiration? Thank you so much for your help =]
  7. PersuaderGames

    [Android] Mobile Adventure game - Detective Trapu

    We are still working on some features. But we are planning to finish the game by the end of the month!
  8. PersuaderGames present Why we made the game Hello dear reader! Thank you for taking a look at this post. This game project started about a year ago. Fascinated by old-school adventure game and the lack of games available for mobile devices (Telltale... it could have been all so good...), we decided to do the impossible. Reviving a dead genre for a device mostly known for quick, shallow gaming: Smartphones. Long story short, after long preparations, mostly focused on the right feeling and getting the hang of the technology (none of us was a developer at the beginning), we finally finished the demo for our showcase project. Enjoy!! Introduction Paris, present time. After a tough night roaming the streets, our hero (somehow employed by the Paris Police Department), get a call. A suicide in the city center, fancy area. Business as usual. But is it really? Dive into the city of lights, find the clues and solve the case in this open end adventure game. Detective Trapu is a non-linear adventure game where you take the role of the detective. Will you be able to crack the case and solve the crime? Demo This is a demo. The game is in alpha at the moment, most of the content and scripting are present. We would be glad if you could give us some feedback! Write us anytime at persuadergames@gmail.com, just to say hi! DEMO Download for Android: https://goo.gl/bDjLCh Please check the Credits at the end of the demo. A lot of very talented and dedicated people helped to make this game possible.
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