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  1. Awesome! This is a really good article.
  2. I'll certainly be looking into Python along with love2d and the possibility of installing a linux distro on my PC. I Thank you all for the help and advice!
  3. I don't have any programming experience and have been looking for books online to start out. I'm particularly interest in learning C++ and Pyhton ,along with Java possibly as well. The games l would like to begin making are simple 2d games like pong or even tic tac toe.
  4. Hello, I am a complete beginner with an interest in making games on a older Windows XP computer with 512mb of ram and a pentuim 1.8ghz cpu. I've been looking around on the site reading articles on beginning out using newer and current game engines like Unity and Unreal engine to get started in developing games. And since I don't have a PC capable of running such software as of right now, so this is what I have to work with for the moment.I would appreciate it if you guys could give me suggestions,advice or links to older software I could use for my PC.
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