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  1. Question about C++ , C# and Java

    You guys didn't actually get what i meant i see that people says that c++/cli is not the same for c++ like gcnew , ^ pointer etc ... And they says mfc or qt is better i have already used both of them mfc and qt but i didnt like both of them so i can continue on using clr ?
  2. Hi i really wanted to know if i am in the right section or not to ask this question how ever ... I have already learned the basics of C++ and C++/CLI i have learned C++ for building gui for desktop applications and now i am just learning the basics of java nothing more just to use Android studio to build android apps how ever now i am having some problems with the desktop applications for building gui ... which is the best and faster language C++ / C# or java ? I am currently using C++/CLi (Clr) in C++ but i see many peoples says that Qt is better i have already used Qt but i didn't like Qt and i like clr much more and i also see that many people says that for building gui C# is the best choice while the others says that C++ is faster than C# so what is the best way i have to choose ... Do i have to complete in learning C++/CLi and continue bulding gui apps in it or i have to learn C# or i have to use Qt answer me please
  3. C++ Getting unicode from an ini file

    Becouse i am using C++/CLR so gcnew is like new and ^ is like * and String is like string
  4. Hi, i wish if everyone is having a good day My question is about I am reading the selected text from the listview String ^ItemSelected = listView1->SelectedItems[0]->Text; But i wanted to write the result to an ini file but since the Writeprivateprofilesection needs an parameter of type LPCWSTR i cannot pass ItemSelected to it WritePrivateProfileSection(ItemSelected,L"Key = Value", L".//Text.txt");
  5. C++ Getting unicode from an ini file

    Okay guys the problem was that the ini file was UTF-8 and not unicode hhhhhhhh Anway i wanted to ask another question ... Since the Get and buffer are not char and TCHAR So when i use MessageBox::Show(Get); It will give me error so i have tried this : String ^GetResult = gcnew String(Get); MessageBox::Show(GetResult); This one works but i don't know how this line works String ^GetResult = gcnew String(Get); Can you please explain it ?
  6. Hi, this is my first post here and i hope to get an answer My question is i am reading the section names from an file Unfortunately these section name contains unicode chars so when i read them i just get ???? here's my code ... TCHAR buffer[4096]; int Lsize = sizeof(buffer),length; GetPrivateProfileSectionNames(buffer,Lsize,".//Test.txt"); TCHAR *Get = buffer; while (*Get){ length = strlen(Get); Get += length; Get++; }