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  1. Just getting started <<--- this start really basic and has a ton of videos, no way you get lost, maybe is the thing for you? Just a thought
  2. Direct3D 11 viewport inside Windows Forms

    Ah, apologize, I've misunderstood
  3. Another experiment, a place of big gears
  4. The title says everything I suck and coming up with concepts or drawing, but I thought that if I do more of this bad stuff, could be an idea to put it in here and keep it like a journal, maybe it'll help, like watching back and finding ways to improve (also because I tend to drop my drawing in the recycle bin, so a way to find them again could be Anyway, nothing too serious, is just something I plan to do when I'm really bored In case what's going on is not clear: a corridor leading to a circular room with a sphere/globe device in it, door on the right of the corridor has been destroyed by overgrown roots. The corridor feels more cramped than I would have liked... x_x
  5. Direct3D 11 viewport inside Windows Forms

    I think it is absolutely possible, since the book "3d game programming with directX 11" uses that as a framework to show its 3d examples, here's the code of said framework, D3DApp::InitMainWindow() in particular is the function in that .cpp that creates a window (and the InitDirect3D uses said window handle to fill the field OutputWindow of the swap chain description struct, which is then used to create the swap chain), you just need to derive a class from this D3DApp class and use it inside the WinMain() function (you can see an example on MSDN site for WinMain(), is the main() function you use with windows apps) Edit: for clarity, I'll show you: #include <Windows.h> #include "Matrix2DClient.h" //this is my class that inherits from D3DApp or D2DApp int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE instance, HINSTANCE prevInstance, LPSTR cmdLine, int show) { Matrix2DClient client(instance, L"Direct2D Client", 1280.f, 960.f); if(!client.Init()) { return 0; } return client.Run(); }
  6. C++ For Absolute Beginner

    I have a small question, let me hijack the topic for just one second, sorry I remember watching a video on youtube where a similar example where made (with items, ice and fire sword which inherit from sword and what would happen if you then need an ice/fire sword, which is, it inherit twice from sword and either won't work or is not efficient, not sure which one is...), so what if you now want a Rogue/Fighter character? Inheritance would be bad cause you inherit twice from hero, right? Would the "Component design pattern" be commonly used to allow this "mixed hero stuff" in games?
  7. Giving a more "down to earth" answer than my previous one, I think pc players are starved by the lack of games where you capture and collect creatures, like Pokemon and Persona series, also jrpg and jrts(is this a genre, right?) stuff is constantly falling behind compared to consoles, (glad we got Disgaea 1 - 2 on steam and several FF ports and some Tales series games though) Another one lacking are 4X space games I think, X:Rebirth disappointed if you remember, getting scores like 4/10 at release, so my hope is in X4 which should be on the work Also when I think to good physics based combat, the only one that comes to mind is Dark Messiah of Might and Magic(which was a world of fun)...why is that?! Why physic based combat seems to be not relevant?
  8. Forgot to adress this in my previous reply, but why would it be pointless? I could argue that people working right now and slaving away until death is pointless, I could argue that using your lifetime to learn and improve yourself is pointless because is all lost the moment you die, like playing Final Fantasy VIII for 30 hours without a memory card and then the power goes out... I mean, the fact is that what is pointless and what is not is highly subjective and we are extremely biased by what suits us. Like for us a toxic radioactive hot magma planet with crushing gravity is a bad environment because doesn't suits us, but from the universe point of view, it is a perfectly fine which view is right?! Or maybe they both are... And so under that light, living in the real world is equally pointless as the "virtual dream world" one, and so one should be allowed to choose in which one to waste his time
  9. Not really, the fact that you don't have to work to survive doesn't mean you will lack a goal or everyone will become zombies. It simply means that wathever craft you choose to refine is the one you chose out of passion (and not the one you choose out of need). The goal of improving oneself has nothing to do with money, and one can still become an excelent artist, musician, expert meteorologist or wathever is the thing that interests you. Noone said people should stop to improve themselves or that they can only improve because they get rewarded with money, the only reward one need should be knowing that he/she is improving himself and the craft he takes pride in. And yeah, there is nothing wrong in a society where only machines works, if that enables people to follow their dreams, imo.
  10. I think we need MMO games that can truly persist, worlds that just keep expanding instead of starting from scratch every tot year with a new title. I wasted 3k hours into Guild Wars 1 because all that effort was washed away at GW2 launch, and all I was left with was a f*cking string of text on top of my character that said "Champion of the Gods" which noone ever more mmo for me. On the single player side, everyone does his "throw-away" game and I don't understand why noone is going down the Dwarf Fortress path, which is lifetime commitment to a project, if gems can be created in 1-3 years, imagine refining and expanding those gems for an entire lifetime, those are the type of awesome beyond imagination games which we will never see during our lifetime. Probably the problem here is that is all based on money, therefore one need to create new games to keep the player interest high and keep earning money, so I dream of a society where everyone receive a basic income just because he is on this planet thus removing the need for making money to survive, if that where to happen then games would be made just out of passion and we would have more of those lifetime-commitment projects. I also think it will eventually happen in the future, and we have the bad luck to be born too soon to see it x_x
  11. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    @Kavik Kang I suggest summarizing your ideas in 20 lines or less, the lenght of your post is the reason I have no idea what this topic is all about...
  12. Which does what?

    I didn't yet read it, but probably you can find a good answer here -> under Update Methods is the first place I would look for. And if you don't find that, at least you still find something useful to learn I bet
  13. Resources to get good at math?

    @h8CplusplusGuru loving that site, good practice, thanks again I'm at this problem here, filled a page on paper reasoning on it and finally come to the formula that solves it in one line without loops, int shapeArea(int n) { return 2*(n*(n-1))+1; } very proud
  14. C++ For Absolute Beginner

    I always recomend this playlist
  15. What is the type of a Lambda with capture?

    Which is also less headache, so I don't complain