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  1. So, here’s the short plan, see if you can destroy it. If it stands, it’s worth something. I have an android/ios phone, possibly console/pc w/controller game idea that can be done for 15 or more builds, (1 of many ideas,) and that’s it. No money, no experience, working a construction job. I know I have a lot to contribute, just indirectly. Games are too complicated to do oneself if you cant do it as a day job. You need a guy for that job. Looking at the responses in the forums probably 5 to 8 guys. I’ve gotta plan for that. Everyone works 2hrs a day until it’s done and gets paid twice as much for what they did at release, and a small percentage for 3 yrs, 3 month build. All the builds after that market that first build. I get paid last, my corporation will own all content. My concern is to begin to build a brand and a reputation, a firm studio and foundation to get done some interesting work. This is the first step. And everyone’s a tester. Everyone is essentially working for themselves and feel that way, which is how to get the best out of people. This is a comedy game, and it could be just a ball to make. The idea in general terms is a 2d isometric room, think pac-mannish with puzzle elements, densely packed with interactables and content for multiple runthroughs. Using the company halfbrick’s game jetpack joyride financial model (also for android/ios, console and omg youtube gdc jetpack joyride postmortem ), 3 or 2 or .99 at release and freemium later. Need awesome trailer and splashscreen. It is my intent by submitting this short plan to polish it with guidance into a working model. I sincerely appreciate your opinion and intend to resubmit once a day until it works. Thank you.
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