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  1. Sound design for games (soundtracks/SFX/VO) Your project will be filled with bright and juicy sound, and the music will be recognized from the very first notes! Our studio employs experienced specialists, so everyone is a professional in the business – musicians compose hits, sound designers create colorful sound effects, and dubbing actors play voices alive. Our team will help you to implement any idea in the field of sound – from rich and unique sound effects up to fascinating and thought-out soundtrack! We love and appreciate our customers, providing individual and responsible approach to every project. You will have full control over the operation and get a great result precisely to the intended deadline!Portfolio and contacts on our website: http://www.onsoundwaves.comhttps://soundcloud.com/onsoundwaveshttps://www.youtube.com/user/OnSoundWaves/videosContacts:https://www.facebook.com/yakovlev.jskype: yakovlev.jmail: info@onsoundwaves.comReasons to choose us? We have developed sound design for more than 100 projects; We can develop for you a unique sound design of the highest quality – your project will be implemented by the professionals who work in game development and have extensive experience in sound design for a number of successful projects; We can help you to develop the terms of reference; We will do a test job on your project, so you can make sure of the quality of our work and the advantages of working with us; We always meet deadlines; You can contact us anytime and learn about the work process on your project; Transfer of audio content is done by contract.
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