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  1. Eincress

    SDL2 for Visual Studio 2015

    Okay, i'm gonna try it again when i get home. One more thing, what about the architecture? I'm using x64, thanks for the help
  2. Eincress

    SDL2 for Visual Studio 2015

    Does the architecture matter? I'm using x64, PM incoming for setup questions. Thanks mate. Hey man, i followed this tutorial http://gigi.nullneuron.net/gigilabs/setting-up-sdl2-with-visual-studio-2015/ i think it's already obsolete since the tutorial was made in 2015. P.S. I'm new to game programming and wanted develop 2d games for starters.
  3. Hi, I just want to ask if everyone has the same issue with SDL, so i was trying to follow tutorials for setting up SDL fro Visual Studio 2015 and it says in the tutorial i was following that 2015 is still buggy and the tutorial only works for 2013 below. Does anyone have a setup tutorial of SDL2 for Visual Studio 2015? Regards, Eincrest
  4. Eincress

    Career Paths

    Thanks for the tips, i bought a course in Udemy (Unreal Engine) and will finish it for the moment. I also read an article here in gamedev about first step into games so i'll probably start with basic 2d games(pong, worm, breakout). Again thank you for the responses.
  5. Eincress

    Career Paths

    Thanks for the advice, one more thing where do I start? Should I learn UE4 and thinker with it? Any recommendations?
  6. Eincress

    Career Paths

    Hi, You have probably seen a lot of post about switching careers to game dev and i am sorry for adding another one. I have the same situation. I have a BS degree in Computer Engineering, i have been in a programming career since i graduated which is 3 years ago. I've used JAVA and i am currently diving deeper to c++. I saved money for 3 years so that i could get a Master's Degree, now i have enough to take it and hoping that i could switch my career to Game Development. I'm planning on studying in U.K. for my degree though still undecided on which University i'll be applying to (Newcastle U, Goldsmiths U and Nottingham Trent U). Degree choices are Game Dev, Game Designs, Game Systems and Computer Games Engineering and i feel like taking the last one. I need any advice i could get. Should i proceed with my plan? Is Computer Games Engr. a good choice? I wanna develop games specially for future gens and this includes VR Interactive games and Augmented reality which i think is the reason to picking Computer games engineering.
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