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  1. Dear Colleagues, Can you please advise on the issue below: I have got several Folders(paper), to keep cheat sheets, practical guides, Lists of sequences ect. What is the best way to separate Folders? 1) -Unity all -Unreal Engine all 2) -Game art -Game Design -Game Engine -Game Programming
  2. Hello All, Dear experienced game developers/artists/designers: 1) Can you please advise, what is the best way to organize game portfolio? I have the idea, to store somewhere in the internet -( Project files/complete mini games with exe files), that i will do, during my learning and "follow to" tutorials. 2) Do i need to show in my portfolio completely basic mini games? like snake? tetris? 3D models made via Maya LT? 3) Can you please provide links to the examples? Thank you all Collegues
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