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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for playing ! Yeah the game starts a bit slow for unexperienced players. But it speeds up as the levels proceed. It becomes a lot more challenging. Give it a try.
  2. Hi all, This is our (xDBAGames) first game Called Iron Dome Legacy. It is a Missile Command clone. In this game you control the Israeli "Iron Dome" anti missile defence system. Features: The player has limited amount of missiles. The Iron dome system is upgradable. The money is determined by the outcome of a level. The game is free. There are only rewarded ads. We tried to create a game that has some context to the daily life, but we are sure not trying to be political here. I hope you could try this game, and we will appreciate any comments. xDBAGames is a company of two programmers. That have no experience in the video game industry, but have a lot of passion for games.
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