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  1. truelovewithheather

    Looking for hobbyists to help

    Hi, my name is Shawn Williamson. I am creating various game titles with a hobby team and we are looking for people who would like to learn game development and help us out. You can be a absolute beginner, We are just compiling ideas and doing hobby work but if you would like to see what were doing, were not doing anything too big anymore, were just coming up with basic development for a mmorpg right now. Very simple. We keep it simple and the game is already released in alpha (literally whatever we do can be played). People can come in and test play our game at any time also be apart of helping the development go smoothly. Please contact me via skype: geshinji If you would like to help, were not doing anything too extravagant, just a basic fighting mmorpg with shooter and sports tied in. please contact me if your willing to help/learn.
  2. truelovewithheather

    Gathering team

    I am currently gathering a hobbyist team to work together to create each others ideas. I will manage the team, also team members will know each other. The team members will be linked with each other so we will be a group of hobbyists that are familiar with each other and skills. We will gather ideas and come up with core ideas to develop together. If your interested in learning more about this topic, please contact Shaun at truelovewithheather@gmail.com
  3. truelovewithheather

    Student looking for people to work and learn together

    Entropia uses game money to real money real money to game money
  4. truelovewithheather

    Realistic MMORPG

    I'm not sure about funding and what so ever. We can always downgrade.
  5. truelovewithheather

    Student looking for people to work and learn together

    Hi, I am currently looking for help with a 3d reality sim mmorpg that involves outer space, game money to real money, and businesses. you can get a job in game hourly. If we can make it good enough, it can be a second reality. Thats what im going for. Please contact me at truelovewithheather@gmail.com if you want to collab
  6. truelovewithheather

    [Artist/Developer] Looking For Group

    Hi, my name is Shaun Williamson. Im currently working on a 3d reality sim mmorpg. I need help. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at my email truelovewithheather@gmail.com
  7. truelovewithheather

    Experienced Programmer LF Project (Unpaid)

    Hi, my name is Shaun Williamson. I am currently working on a reality sim mmorpg. If you would like to help please email, truelovewithheather@gmail.com
  8. truelovewithheather

    3D artist looking to get into game design

    I am open to new affiliates in a reality based mmorpg. Please contact my email truelovewithheather@gmail.com
  9. truelovewithheather

    Realistic MMORPG

    Im currently working on a exact realistic replica of real life into game. Im looking for hobbyists or whoever to partake in development of this game. It is a 3d mmorpg that is persistently one universe. There will be a US dollar to game money economy. You can get a job. You can run a business. You can do whatever. I'm especially looking for new ideas. I will explain the game engine (secret) once you respond. Please join, need help. This game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Please contact my email truelovewithheather@gmail.com
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