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  1. Play it on kongratate now!!! ------> https://www.kongregate.com/games/Fooliery/idle-travels-holy-temple?sfa=permalink&referrer=Fooliery this is my first javascript game. GAME.zip
  2. save was crashing the game when opened in a standered browser Idle_Worrior_V_19-save_disabled.zip
  3. foolz887

    PC Idle_worrior_v_18

    made with : Phaser , get it at phaser.io and start making your own games, ADDED alot to the second area, added another input from the user when in towns. also, when crossing the boundry into the second area (forest), a new input is added for just in the forest town. enjoy the drunkin hobbit battles. there the most indepth so far. save game still working great. also the size has been condenced some. if anyone has any issues please let me know. Idle_Worrior_V_18.zip
  4. foolz887

    PC solo_idle_worrior_v_17

    woot woot, working late into the night and I gut the save game and delete save buttons and functions working. game now saves.. enjoy Idle_Worrior_V_17 - saveState working.zip
  5. Im really enjoying my Adventure into javaScript and Html5. Going from pygame to phaser was just so diffrent. I think idle worrior could be a game that grows and sticks around for awhile. anyone who would like to join in the story writing message me here or at foolierygames@yahoo.com Idle_Worrior_V_16_all_kwn_bugfixed.zip
  6. foolz887


    Continuing my Workings of SIWV15. I have commented out the saving feature for this version till I work out all the bugs. Version 15 has some story events for the second area but not enuff to keep anyone entertained. it takes a while to get there anway. Also events now update randomly . Would love some feed back on this. hoping to be finished in a month. (idle text game) Idle_Worrior_V_15.zip
  7. foolz887

    Fooliery PDF reader V2

    This is a working example of a basic pdf Reader. ITs vary colorful and does not display pictures just the pictures alternate text title . Most pdf load right up. found a few that didn't work at all. This is the second time I posted this. I apologize. I left out the source code last time, but it is here now. FoolieryPDFreader.zip FoolieryPDFreadersource.zip
  8. Here's a good start at a text.txt app. Have at it. Written in Python and Pygame FoolieryTextEditor.zip
  9. Fooliery here with some new free bee's for the beginner python and pygame game developer. Here is a group of modules to help keep time in your game. Inside is also a mp4 video tutorial on how to use it. Makes it easy to say when to spawn an enemy, how long a level should last. set a event to happen in appropriate order. Vary easy to understand and a great source to learn and build on. Hope this helps out Look over the source code. There is a few extra goodies inside. Fooliery FoolieryGameTImeSupport.zip
  10. foolz887


    FoolieryPaint has grown. Immensely easier to choose your color. new Shortcuts also added. Any color used can be quickly referenced by overlapping cursor over color and hitting the x key. new Blend color mode added. Works great. Something top paint apps I've seen do not have. (Use the blend center for better shading) 3 new brushes will be added with the next version. One of which is a darkening/lighting tool, a paint simulation brush and a splatter brush. Next version is projected for December 10-15. so keep a eye out. as always, FoolieryGames would appreciate any feed back on this and all other FoolieryGames projects and apps FoolieryPaintV2.zip
  11. This is to show anything is possible. I'm currently working on a art and word journal with some mini games built in. If anyone is interested in being a part of this project you can comment here or message me at FoolieryGames@yahoo.com. I'm using python 3 and pygame. This text editor was made from scratch with pygame. It records your entry's automatically when you close the editor. saves as date and time in journal folder FoolieryTextEditor.zip
  12. foolz887


    This is the latest release of the Fooliery Framework make with pygame ( pygame.org ).Made for python 3.6 and higher. If you found the last release helpful, then this will blow your mind. Here is everything you need to make a platformer. Dozens of dozens of new functions have been added for everything from exact game timing, text boxes, answer boxes, some functions to help you save you game status. and much more. Would really appreciate any feed back on this. Also looking to join a team or company so if yah here anything Fooliery_Framework_v_4-master.zip
  13. foolz887


    This is the first release of Fooliery Paint, from Fooliery Games. This app was made with pygame ( pygame.org ) and python 3. Fooliery Paint has many unique features and all the basic ones. Choose from over a dozen pens and styles. Complete with different modes to help keep you in check. Have fun!! Made this in 2 days. Currently looking to join a team or company. FoolieryPaint.zip
  14. This is part of a update I will be adding to my pygame framework Fooliery Framework. (just a script.py file) This module makes timing for your enemy sprites to spawn. make them spawn exactly when you want. for as long as you want. as often as you want. use this to handle when you world switches from night to day. battle events. what ever. This is extremely useful and I hope many get good use out of it. This and much more will be added to Fooliery Framework version 2 next month. Feedback is welcome on all my projects misc.py misc.py
  15. Hey Gamers and Developers, For those of you just starting out with Python and Pygame I have for you a bounty of modules to help handle multiple events. Fooliery Framework (made with Pygame) Handles Mouse events On screen button events Multiple forms of animated backgrounds and scene features On screen text and easy no nonsense rendering that doesn't kill the users framerate Grid Creation Drawing Coordinates updates for mouse position Great functions for drawing with colors and tiles Both sprite and image blit Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have. There are a few basic examples I've converted to exe for those of you who haven't downloaded Python 3 or Pygame. Another good example is my developer tool, Fooliery: build with tiles, which was made with Pygame and Fooliery Framework. Good documentation on how to use it is also within. check out pygame.org ~Fooliery Fooliery_Framework_-_v_1-8_26_2017.zip
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