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  1. Writersface13

    Mod for Mac

    And this download will come with assets right? Because I can't make any on my own.
  2. Writersface13

    Mod for Mac

    Where can I go to download the new Unreal Tournament?
  3. Writersface13

    Mod for Mac

    Hello everyone! For the past week, I've been searching for a good game to mod (in particular doom, dark souls, half-life 2 or some kind of 3D platformer). Problem is, having a mac is cutting me off from a lot of good level editors like Doom Builder. Can anyone tell me where I can find a good game with a good level editor for mac? (I know this may sound kind of stupid, but I'm kind of new to this. So bear with me a bit please.)
  4. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Okay. Thank you for your time.
  5. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Does ModDB have links for downloading the engines and such?
  6. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    I don't think I have the storage space on my laptop for that.
  7. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Modding would probably be best then. I'm not sure how I could get my hands on the Creation Kit or Source Engine though.
  8. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    How would I get my hands on something like that? A game with available editing tools. Do you have any examples or links I can use?
  9. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Should I focus more on mastering the Unity interface or take a break and learn C# so I can do more unique things with my levels?
  10. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    It's not just about that though. Learning my way around the interface, make objects react a certain way; I kind of need this stuff to make a good level. But I don't know which one to start with
  11. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Well, when it comes to creating portfolios to become a level designer, what should my levels entail so that they're strong enough to get me a job? Just a pretty sight to look at? Or should they include a bit more?
  12. Writersface13

    Coding vs Level Design

    Hey everyone! So I've been using Unity for the past few days and really like it (aside from the outdated tutorials). My goal is to become a level designer because I love the UI, but everyone needs to know a bit of coding, right? So my question is: How much time should I invest into learning coding? Should it overlap my level designing practice? If so, what kind of schedule should I construct to make it work? Should I not bother with coding at all? Thank you all for reading!
  13. Writersface13

    Telling a Story vs. Exposition?

    Like the first comment says, "Show don't tell." One alternative I can think of for you is to create the story, then weave the environment around it. For example, if you wanted to show how a church was corrupted, leave a dungeon for holding people somewhere in there. If you want to show that an ancient civilization was obsessed with a certain animal, leave a bunch of murals of the animal around in a sort of altar like area. One thing I like to do when I make levels is create a level narrative. It's the story behind the level that you want to convey to the player without words. You write as much backstory as you want on your level. It doesn't even have to be related to your story. So long as it fits within the context of your game, there's no problem. I hope this helps! Good luck my fellow writer!
  14. Writersface13

    Engine Switch

    Thank you for being so helpful! I am going to try Unity to see how it runs on my computer and hope for the best
  15. Writersface13

    Engine Switch

    There's also the problem of not being able to make my own assets. Stencyl has had my eye for the last two days because of it's ease into programming and large amount of assets. I know you have to buy assets off the Unity store, but I can't do that right now (I did just buy a macbook pro recently after all). Does it come with enough assets for me to make unique levels, or do you know of a good place to where I can get free ones?
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