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  1. BeanDog

    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    Yeah, I still lurk. Way earlier than 2003, though, I think. I won one of those 3H-GDC competitions (sticky in the screenshot) back in the day.
  2. BeanDog

    Dual-screen via remote-desktop?

    I bought a product called MaxiVista a while back that did this well.
  3. BeanDog

    advice on pc build.

    I'd recommend posting a link that others can view.
  4. You're doing it wrong. You don't go shopping for random crap, then complain that it's random crap. You think of a use case you'd like to solve (I wish I had an easy way to see recipes on my phone), then you search for an app that fills that need. Other people will have different use cases than you.
  5. BeanDog

    Site program?

    Based on the error messages that show up about 10PM every night as SQL Server melts down, this site is based on Invision's IP Board if I remember correctly.
  6. BeanDog

    Keyboard rage

    The solution to any keyboard woes is to buy this keyboard:   I bought one for home. I loved it so much, I bought one on my own dime for work. Now every desk in the office has one. It's wireless, and I've never had a single hiccup, even with dozens of closeby identical wireless keyboards. And no batteries to replace, since it charges based on ambient light much faster than it uses power. The key action is nice, with a good tactile click, but it isn't too loud. It's got a full number pad, and the insert/home/delete/etc. keys are all in the correct layout. On longevity, I'm not sure, but I type all day at work on one that's now about two years old, and it shows no signs of wear except that the keys I use most (especially spacebar) are completely smooth now (they come very mildly textured). There's even a Mac layout version, if you're into that.
  7. BeanDog

    Laptop or PC for development?

    I use a Dell Precision M6700. It will run up to 3 external monitors simultaneously--at work I have two 1920x1200 and one 2560x1440 monitor attached to it, plus its own 1920x1080 screen. You can get a little more maximum horsepower with desktops than laptops, but a laptop i7 with 16GB of RAM is quite good even for very heavy development work. If you have the budget (approximately $2000 for a nice one, $1500 on the cheap, $5000 fully loaded), a mobile workstation from Dell, HP, or Lenovo is the way to go. Just be ready for a heavy brick of a laptop :-)
  8. BeanDog

    X-COM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

    The first two. (2nd one is harder so i'd recommend starting with the first) And maybe I was just terrible at it, but even the first one was very difficult. One thing that helped me was to recruit lots of soldiers, then examine their randomly-generated stats, and immediately dismiss anyone who didn't have high stats. Expensive, but very effective in combat.
  9. BeanDog

    Do you ever get burnt out from coding?

    These kinds of questions come up regularly, and it always seems a little silly to me. Like going to mtbr's forums and asking, "After finishing the 800+ miles of trails known as Park City Utah, I felt like I needed a break. Whew. Im taking the next two weeks off before delving into Moab. My legs just feel exhausted and tired. Anyone else ever gone through this?  Need a break to refresh the legs before moving ahead?"   YES. Do something else for a while!
  10. BeanDog

    Science Fiction Book Recommendations

    It's not a multi-volume epic, but one of my favorite sci-fi books of all time is this winner of Best Novel from both Hugo and Nebula: The Gods Themselves. Also, it was written after 1970. Barely. :-)
  11. My favorite part is deleting large quantities of code because I found a shorter/better way to do what I needed. My least favorite part is waiting for the compiler.
  12. BeanDog

    Is business dev/programming boring?

    I started Lucidchart, which is basically business programming. It's the most awesome project I've ever worked on, because The problems to be solved are difficult and interesting The people I work with are the smartest developers I've ever worked with I think that if those two requirements are met, any real programming job (games or otherwise) will be fun and rewarding. Also, having five monitors is nice :-D
  13. BeanDog

    Got kids? Like sports? Then you can appreciate this.

    I have a boy about that age. Rehearsed or not, that's pretty darn impressive. I would have to practice that with my son every day until he was meaningfully older before he'd develop that kind of coordination and reflexes.
  14. BeanDog

    Your Worst "Gotchas" ever in programming

    Yeah. Like (undefined = 4) evaluates to 4, but (null = 4) throws an error as you'd expect. Or the following: function foo(a,b) { return a + b; }   foo(3,4) returns undefined, because a semicolon is automatically inserted after the return keyword.
  15. BeanDog

    Your Worst "Gotchas" ever in programming

    In PHP, when I realized 0 == "pizza".
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