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    Puzzle Ten Final

    Hi , everyone, I've just released my first android game called "Puzzle Ten Final". This puzzle game is to make specific sum using numbers from 1 to 9. Not only making sum , but you can get items and destroy obstacles. It's very difficult to complete game, so if you're challenging person , you will like my game. It is highly appreciated if you play the game and tell me about how it was. Google play store Link
  2. IamMediaGames

    Do you like numbers?

    Do you like numbers? Actually I do. When I was child, I enjoyed to make multiples of 10 using license plate. It was not a big deal, but quite interesting to me. Decades later I planned to make a game and remembered that time. So I decided to develop game based on that memory. At the first time , it was just game to make 10, but I started to put various game like elements: items, obstacles, store, trophies, leader board, etc... And finally it becomes a game. Some people tells me it's too difficult, but some people tells me it's enjoyable. How does it looks like to you? "Puzzle Ten Final" Android Exclusive.
  3. IamMediaGames

    The striking difference between liking and wanting

    Good read! Thanks
  4. I've played, it's quite interesting , Your game is nice to me , But How can I increase game speed? It's too slow for me at the first 4 stages,
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