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  1. Publish it for a price for the sake of learning & portfolio*
  2. eee I know I could just release the game for free (which the team is happy with) but I reeaally wanted to release it for a price because a proper marketed game sounds better than a free release... Especially if that game was to make some level of downloads/ revenue.. I already have a job in game development so I want something more robust for my portfolio I suppose.
  3. Hi Frob, Is there any way I can let them keep their rights to their IP and also have my own unconditional rights to their IP? My team wants to keep rights to their IP but they're all happy to let me own it too for the sake of releasing it. Can I not state in a contract that I have indefinite rights to the publication of their IP? Cheers
  4. Oh lord I knew I was unprepared but not this badly lol. I really appreciate all the advice guys. I'd definitely try and see a lawyer if it was less that $300(AU), however like I said the game is unlikely to make any money. I kinda just wanted to publish it for the sake of learning and portfolio purposes. It feels like as a portfolio piece, the game would have a lot more value if it had some sales figures and downloads (if any). I might pay around $500 for a lawyer if it included a great learning experience... Do you think this is a possibility? I'm starting a business and I don't want to be a lone wolf so I feel like I really need to tackle this stuff and get educated... But finding information relating to the situation I'm in has been hard/ confusing. I will research the contracts you guys have mentioned and I get a quote from some contract lawyers. Again, I appreciate all the advice and sorry for not responding to your comments individually. I have read and taken notes of all of your posts!
  5. Lawyers are expensive DX thought I'd probe for any answers. I'm sure some people here have some experience with this stuff...
  6. Hi guys, As the title reads, I built a game with some other people during college and I'm trying to get it published on appstore and google play. The team agreed they would give me the rights to publish the game under my own business and receive 45% profit share. I now just need to know what contracts I need to write. These are the conditions they agreed to: Game will be put up for free with ads Net Profit split: 45%(me), 15%x3(ppl), 10%x1(person) 2%x0(ppl) every 6 month if game net profit exceeds $250 for 2 years If the games Total Net profit after 2 years does not exceed $2500, all shares will go to me so I don’t have to do legal stuff anymore. If the total net profit exceeds $2500 we do the same business but for 1 year. Everyone keeps rights to their own IP, however I get rights to the IP indefinitely for the purpose of publishing the game under my business xxxxxxxxxxxxx. I'd appreciate any help because I worked hard on this game and I would really like to get it published but being in a team has made it very difficult. Cheers
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