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    Campaigns, Length of Levels in an 'Infinite' Runner Game

    Thank you for the response! The thought was to have two modes. Campaign - to tell a story, that has an ending, introduces players to the controls. Free Play - after the player has played the campaign, the free play/infinite mode would be a way to compete with the others via the leaderboard.
  2. Hi, I'm currently working on an infinite runner game, which like every infinite runner game will have an infinite runner mode . However, I also wanted to add a story in there, and hopefully, make it more interesting to the player. I wanted to do this via a campaign mode. It would be short, about 5-7 levels. It would introduce the character to the world, controls, items, and tell them a story that they would enjoy. After completing the campaign, free play mode would be unlocked and you could shoot for those high scores. My question is this. Is there a recommended 'length of a level' in such a game. I haven't seen many infinite runners that are level based, since that is an oxymoron. Is there a general rule of thumb that says make it X number of screen lengths? I would really appreciate any input here, but I don't want to make them too short, and I don't want to make them too long either. Right now, I'm just going to design the campaign levels, try and accomplish the goal of the level, introducing the player to whatever I want them to see, and move on. I realize this a vague question, but I would really appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!
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