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  1. Actually, I could use this trick instead - The smaller screens of the characters are in conversation loops, but in a subtle, barely noticable way. The exact technique is used here too inside a combat mission - There is obviously no lip-syncing but the "interference" effect on the screen covers for this. What do you think, is this the most efficient way to solve this?
  2. Ok, thanks for the info. Do you have any idea how much time would it take to lip-sync/facialize a couple of characters for about 1000 words of dialog, in Maya?
  3. I thought that was due to rampant feminism and neomarxism, they actually hired a cosplaying SJW to do the animations. Plus the talk about the engine not being good for RPG format.
  4. Lip-syncing and believable facial expressions. I have Maya licence for 3 years, but I haven't explored this aspect yet, as I've focused on mechanistic animations so far. I was wondering if there is a specialized software outside of Maya that would make this very easy and quick. I would only need it for 3-5 characters, but I suppose I could use the exact same facial animation mechanism for all of them. If you are an experienced Maya user, I would appreciate your response even more. If the easy and quick solution already exists in Maya 2018, I would hate the expenditure of an additional specialized software(also, how time-consuming would it be if you have about 1000 words of dialog).
  5. How much would one charge per 5 minutes of work?
  6. That's just what I am looking for, but your description of finding "someone on youtube" is super vague and unhelpful. Is there an agregate site with all the audio samples? Also, there is a huge difference between voice-acting for narration and voice-acting for a character.
  7. I once said that it is better to have no voice-acting at all, than have less than excellent voice-acting. There is no middle ground here, it is either excellent, or if it can't be, the feature should be expunged so as not to degrade the whole game. I don't know if you agree with this sentiment, but this has certainly been my experience in many years of gaming. That being said, has the overall quality in this market been improved over the recent years? Are there any specific resources you would recommend?
  8. Any gun enthusiasts here?

    I just remembered that Deus Ex 2 had universal ammo, and it made it worse than the previous one, among other things, so I don't think I'll go that route after all. Although they did have a fairly reasonable explanation-
  9. Any gun enthusiasts here?

    So, basically, you can make a universal ammo with different charges, that would perform with drastic variation in different guns - pistols, rifles, miniguns?
  10. Any gun enthusiasts here?

    Can one extrapolate this value from barrel length and caliber of the projectile alone?
  11. Any gun enthusiasts here?

    Hm, but wouldn't such type have overall decreased range and velocity, which would be sufficient to put it into a category of light?
  12. Any gun enthusiasts here?

    No, I mean it in a completely different way, not weight but their destructive power. Yes, that's what I was looking for. What other kinds of ammo would fall into the 3 categories. I need at least 3 per category.
  13. Hi, as you know I'm developing a game, but there is some area in which I am completely clueless. In my European, socialist, shitty country(filled with submissive socialist zombies) weapons are completely forbidden, so I never held a firearm of any kind in my life. I have a very shallow knowledge about them. So, a question for the lucky Americans who still have enough freedom for this basic human right, which kind of ammo would fall into these 3 categories of ammo: light, medium, heavy? Remember, this is for a game, not real-life, but be as realistic as possible.