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  1. 3D Horrible texture/object popping

    Thanks, that's a great answer. Can you remember a single modern AAA game that didn't have terrible pop-in? It's really weird to me that this is being so widely tolerated.
  2. What are the commonly used methods that would prevent the texture/object popup in games? I'm not sure that any actually exist as even the latest SW Battlefront 2 has frequent texture/object popup. If my memory serves me right, I think Gears of War might have had a good solution for this in the form of slightly blurred backgrounds. Also, why do other devs don't realize that this completely breaks the visual integrity of the game, when did this become acceptable?
  3. Is World Machine as good as they make it to be?

    Thanks, I figured as much. But could this be different, it is supposedly built in for both UE4 and Maya.
  4. I'm talking about the terrain-building software. Would that be the best one for use in UE4?
  5. How to protect yourself and your game?

    Yes, my game is original, both in terms of story and game mechanics. If implemented properly, it will ooze money. But you are right, publicizing the game as my own will help greatly in this regard, but this will come much later. Before that phase it will be under a lock-down.
  6. Most enjoyable grinding mechanic?

    Exactly, that was my main grinding philosophy. Grinding has to be fully integrated into the game. However, games like FTL or Ironcast have a different kind of meta grind, meaning you get stronger over time outside of the current game you play.
  7. How to protect yourself and your game?

    Yes, you're right. It will require a lot of preparation and dissection, but it would be the safest, along with the NDA contract.
  8. How to protect yourself and your game?

    This is scaring me shitless. I think I'll have to find some talented senior year student, drive him to my house and video record everything, every time.
  9. How to protect yourself and your game?

    So, does anyone here know how Virtual Game Studios work? I couldn't possibly be the first one with these concerns.
  10. How to protect yourself and your game?

    How can this be enforced if everyone lives in a different country?
  11. How to protect yourself and your game?

    I find this post incomprehensible, did you post in this topic by accident?
  12. How to protect yourself and your game?

    Yes, but how can you prevent it so someone is discouraged from even considering it? How the hell do virtual game studios work then?
  13. Let's say you need to hire a few freelancers across several different countries to solve specific problems that occur during the development, but in order for these problems to be solved you need to give them full access to all the game assets, everything you've built so far. What can stop them from completely stealing/hijacking everything so far developed and releasing the game as their own?
  14. Software for multiple dialog options?

    Of course, just the script format. Final Draft has the alt dialog option, but this is useless as they are hidden and you have to click through them, so the alternate dialog options are not visible when the file is saved as pdf.
  15. I tried using Final Draft, but I don't think it works very well for games with multiple dialog options(like Mass Effect), unless I'm missing something? I find the easy formatting in One Note much more effective.