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  1. Armantium

    Is there good free music?

    I'm trying to degooglify as fast as possible.
  2. Armantium

    Is there good free music?

    You should have deleted the topic by now. Obviously, no one is going to respond.
  3. Armantium

    Is there good free music?

    For example, in an ideal world, this level of quality would be my preference. I don't know much about the music industry and the technical side of it, but can people 'extrapolate' from established brands to create music of the same quality?
  4. Armantium

    Game Funding Conversion

    The most rational way would be to ramp it up if you see actual results. Especially if those initial results are inline with the company's statement. I guess "best" companies would work in that manner.
  5. Armantium

    Game Funding Conversion

    Do you think it is worth hiring some company to do this for you, if they would guarantee results? Would that be exorbitantly expensive or reasonably priced?
  6. Armantium

    Game Funding Conversion

    I'm guessing that the following factors contribute greatly: - gameplay video - enticing storyline, theme, and world setting - previous experience But none of that may matter if it is not marketed; do you have any idea where I can find all about the marketing aspect of it?
  7. Armantium

    Game Funding Conversion

    I guess this remains unresearched.
  8. Let's say that, in total, 50 000 people see your game funding page and related materials (youtube, social media, etc). How many of those people would you expect to contribute to the actual funding of the game, by giving $5-$10 on average? Which factors would contribute to that viewership-->donation conversion? I'm thinking it would be way lower than 10%, perhaps less than 3%?
  9. Armantium

    Dismemberment and gore

    Thanks, integrating rag-dolls would be sufficient then. I don't currently have the means to introduce greater complexity, and certainly not motion-capture.
  10. Armantium

    Dismemberment and gore

    That's more than enough when it comes to dismemberment, but how would you approach creating hit reactions? Just stagger animation up until it reaches dismemberment threshold? It has to be seamless.
  11. Armantium

    Dismemberment and gore

    Wrong forum?
  12. Armantium

    Dismemberment and gore

    Killing Floor 2 has the best dismemberment/gore system by far. No other game comes even close; how enemies react, segmented body parts depending where you shoot them, how dead bodies react, etc. Is there an easy-to-set up system, but with scaled down features, for the Unreal Engine 4, while still offering the same visceral physicality?
  13. Armantium

    Horrible texture/object popping

    Thanks, that's a great answer. Can you remember a single modern AAA game that didn't have terrible pop-in? It's really weird to me that this is being so widely tolerated.
  14. What are the commonly used methods that would prevent the texture/object popup in games? I'm not sure that any actually exist as even the latest SW Battlefront 2 has frequent texture/object popup. If my memory serves me right, I think Gears of War might have had a good solution for this in the form of slightly blurred backgrounds. Also, why do other devs don't realize that this completely breaks the visual integrity of the game, when did this become acceptable?
  15. Armantium

    Is World Machine as good as they make it to be?

    Thanks, I figured as much. But could this be different, it is supposedly built in for both UE4 and Maya.
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