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  1. flatingo

    TheLooppy | Hardcore 2D Platformer | Unity3D

    no comments... so bad
  2. Ann, I made a video with subtitles about game developers who made successful projects and earned millions dollars. Than you are worse than them?
  3. flatingo

    TheLooppy | Hardcore 2D Platformer | Unity3D

    Hey, I found a video in which a guy plays my game without hands. I feel sorry for this guy, because he has health problems.
  4. flatingo

    What is the salary in the gaming industry?

    Your salary depends on your skills. My friend 3d artist earns $ 5000 per month (LA). He works in a small gaming company. Also, a programmer in Facebook earns about $ 9,000 per month. If you want, you can watch a video with subtitles about it. Hi from Ukraine, Ann.
  5. flatingo

    How Important are extra features?

    Watch this. Hope this helps you a little bit
  6. flatingo

    TheLooppy | Hardcore 2D Platformer | Unity3D

    By the way, I found some review of my game on Youtube. It's nice to watch someone play the game I created. This is important for the game developer.
  7. flatingo

    TheLooppy | Hardcore 2D Platformer | Unity3D

    My game "TheLooppy" is available on Steam. You can buy it right now. Support the game by writing a review in Steam. You get a lot of respect, if you do a video review on Youtube. What do you think about my game? My YouTube channel with subtitles about the development of games, where I tell how I create this game.
  8. flatingo

    TheLooppy | Hardcore 2D Platformer | Unity3D

    Thanks dude. Official Trailer
  9. Title: TheLooppy Design: Flat (Vector) Genre: Platformer, Puzzle Developer: flatingo (Twitter, Instagram) Platform: PC Language: C# (Unity3D) Release date: January, 2018. Available on Steam. Description: TheLooppy is a hardcore 2D platformer with puzzle elements, in which you help the hero Looppy to go through the magical valley to the crystal of desires, so that his dream of becoming big can finally be realized. Do not leave this cutie in trouble alone. Official Trailer: Screenshots:
  10. flatingo

    Rate the 2D menu of my game

    Entering the game
  11. flatingo

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Here is how long you can talk and advise something. Define what you like in game development. It is possible to program - start to learn, for example, c# for the unity engine. Good and modern choice. Myself use it. If you love to draw, develop it in yourself. Draw every day. Choose your drawing style and practice. Buy yourself a graphics tablet and can join any team to develop your game. In General, you should try to develop in this. I do not have time to do in the world of gaming, but spent to study and practice for about 3 years. Thank God there is the Internet. Good luck in development.
  12. flatingo

    Tips for my Game

    You know, the game is not bad. I also did the same game when learning to make games. You need to complicate the game and make something beautiful. Your game is interesting, but primitive. If you want, you can go to my channel game developer. Good luck to you in development.
  13. I would like to show you how I draw menu for my future game in Illustrator. Small speedart. I hope it turned out well.
  14. My independent project that I create alone. I want to show in this video how I draw and create a level with the second boss in the game. Pleasant viewing. I hope you will not remain indifferent.
  15. Hi. To be honest, but the game design for me has always been something unique and interesting. My path of game development first started with programming. After I began to draw, in order to be universal, but later, I discovered the game design and that was for me, on a pedestal favorite direction. Today I would like to touch on the types of players, why they play the games and pleasures of games. Be brief and clear. In our nature there are 4 types of players: explorers, killers, sociable and those who like committed to something. Crooks. This type of players are focused more on the quick passing game. It does not matter the study and details in the game. Killer. These guys love to destroy everything and kill everybody. Just put them in the tank, tell them where it is necessary to blow - trust me, they will not leave anything alive there. Sociable. They love socializing, but most of all they love online games where can someone make friends, work in team and to tell you the recipe for a delicious mother's cookies. Researchers. How do you think, what you like to do this group of players? I also think that they are exploring every path in the game where you can collect all achievements. Every time you create a game, ask yourself the question: "what kind of player I do my game? Is it possible to combine these types of players in my game, changed some part of it?" Incidentally, with regard to online games. Why do you think people play online games? First, they like competition, will compete to get to the top and gain respect. Secondly, people like to work in a team. Personally I play team games and more hours spent in team modes rather than in single. I love this mode. Thirdly, people play online games in order to meet and chat with friends, spend time with them online and meeting them to have constant, friendly contact. As you know, men play more games than girls. Their main game is the first 20 years. Action and aesthetics - their element. From 20 to 30 years, men are already playing something more calm and tactical, where you do not need a lot of push on the joystick, but need to think. And about men from 30-35 years to play in something calm, for example in genres "I'm search" and "Farm". But women, as a rule, begin actively playing with for 30 years. More women in the world, but I don't like the game. But often after 30 years of playing farm frenzy. Identify the main fun of the players: Fantasy. We love to feel part of another world, which could be anyone. Plot. Sometimes the plot can cause a pleasant sense of his sudden change of events, a dramatic denouement and linearity. Partnership. Teamwork is enjoyable. Discovery. The opening of the new - is the main game fun. Expression. Everyone loves to brag about. Obedience. Cool when you can control others. Feeling. When you realize that step the expected event, then the waiting becomes a pleasure. The gloating. When you killed your enemy, it's nice. Gifts. We love to receive gifts? Humor. No comment. Choice. To go left or right? I have a choice? Fulfilled goal. We love to reach goals and to feel pride because of this. Surprise. We love to be surprised. The Japanese are masters at it. Fear. We love to be frightened and to feel the shaking. This is an interesting kind of fun that we both and hate. A miracle. When we are strongly of something was surprised and experienced a wild delight from something. A tough win. That moment, when initially there was little chance to win, but you win. So when making a game, think of the fun highlights of your game and how much to add. My name is Flatingo and I love to make games. If you also like to make games, welcome to my YouTube channel. Good luck in your projects.
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