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  1. abominableCodeman

    I want to be a game developer what should I do?

    I got a full ride thanks to the blue and gold opportunity plan and federal pell grants. I also have straight A's coming into the program and want to keep that up. I actually got a B in calc3 and was very upset about that - it counts as Mat 21C and Mat21D at UCD so I got two B's from that one mishap. A lot was going on and I didn't do well on the final, even though I had an A all semester, I got a 87% in total. I don't want that to happen again so like you mentioned I will put my school work upfront - I love this stuff I didn't know if I would. I went for nursing a while back and was failing classes I had a 1.6 gpa. I failed algebra the first time I took it then got a c. When I found out this would need math I just thought if I worked hard enough I could get good at math. Sure enough math is one of those things that the more you do the better you get and I worked my ass off. I fell in love with it in the process and even become a trig tutor. I also love the programming courses. I know this is for me and is what I want to do - even then if not the cs degree will open a lot of doors. I got a job opportunity that pays 25 an hour and that's just off my associates degree! I can even apply to space-x who knows. But I know I love games and always will I love making them too. I have done all the Unity tutorials, and deployed them on itch.io. I am going to work on something new I'm not sure what. I just updated my space shooter game to add more asteroids and enemy ships that shoot at you. Also on building the well rounded life - I couldn't agree more, I also haven't heard that before so I am getting into doing more stuff with my girl. We have been playing poker lately, doing art, and watching the new GoT season. I have been giving her more empathy and I really enjoy things right now. I am very excited to take courses at UCD and beyond grateful for the opportunity. I will take this serious - more so then anything I have before and I will remember what you said "if you are not acing all of your courses you are not working hard enough." - I have been getting anxiety over if I could ace UC courses like I did CC courses, but I know if I work hard enough I can. Thanks for helping me believe in myself. And thanks for answering all my questions! Can I post my website on here? I have a few games on itch that Iwould like to share to better gauge where I am at. Maybe even give me ideas lol
  2. abominableCodeman

    I want to be a game developer what should I do?

    Thank you for reading that long post - I swear I tried to keep it short I just have a lot of questions and I'm serious about this field - I am willing to do what ever it takes. Five years ago I would laugh at the thought of me getting A's in college! I love math and I took every lower division math course - I am sad to see it go but I found out we will be using a physics with calculus book and I have really been enjoying that. I learned 3D math in calc 3 and am using it in physics. I know a bunch of 3D coordinate systems and how to integrate 3D shapes using them - pretty neat stuff! I love math so I am looking for an excuse to take any upperdivision math I can I am super excited to take upper division courses - I am not sure which computer science ones to take though, but I was thinking graphics and ai. Thanks for commenting and giving advice! I am gonna get to it and make some games!
  3. abominableCodeman

    Aiming turret (math question)

    do you not have the value of h? You could just go arctan(y/(x+h)) = theta. Have you tried that already? I see what you did, nvm let me look further do you know they bounds of x and y? You are using an arcsin to get to your last step and the domain of it may be causing you some issues. your sin^-1() in the last part of your equation will not work for values outside of the bounds of x and y with -1<x<1 and -pi/2<y<pi/2
  4. abominableCodeman

    Check whether a Point lies in a line segment

    You have point A(x_s,y_s) and point B(x_e,y_e) and want to check if point C(x_p,y_p) is on the line segment L<x_e - x_s, y_e - y_s>. You can check if vectors AB and AC are colinear. If their cross-product is a zero vector then they are and C is on L. That would be a fast check. If so now you have to check if it is in the bounds - you do this by using the dot product. If 0 < \(\overrightarrow{AB}\bullet\overrightarrow{AC}\) < \(\overrightarrow{AB}\bullet\overrightarrow{AB}\) then C in on L inbetween A and B
  5. abominableCodeman

    Lost in the Matrix

    that's pretty cool
  6. congrats - my advice would be to not take it for granted. Treat this job as if you were at an AAA studio and do the best work you can. In music they say "even if it is a small show play the best show you can you never know who is in the audience - could be a producer who really likes you" - I am sure the same idea applies here. what kind of projects did you do?
  7. I feel this will be the best place to ask the sort of questions I have. I am new here, and this is my first post and I want it to be good <@:P For a few years now (2015) I have wanted to become a game developer, it is really my dream to become one. I looked up everything I could on how to become one, and most the results I found said you will have to be good at math and programming. I was never good at math so I thought maybe if I worked hard enough I could get good at math. I worked really hard and aced every single math course (except calc3 which I got a B) and just graduated with an associates in math. I actually really love math, I also took all the programming courses I could (followed assist.org) that aligned with the UC Davis computer science program , and aced them all as well. I really love math and programming it is a new world to me and I want to know everything I can about it. I just got accepted to UCD computer science program to transfer as a junior which I will start this fall. Which brings me to my questions. Which courses should I focus on? I have looked into their cs courses and found a lot of interesting ones. here is what I am considering: modern linear algebra is a low div requirement, but they have a more advanced course in linear algebra as an upper division course. I have 3 upper division 'electives' that I have to take but can be what ever I want - I was thinking of using 2 of those slots for math, one in the linear and one in a course called "math and computers" <- which looks really interesting. What should I do outside of school? I have made the Unity demos and deployed them on itch, but I am not sure if I should focus on Unity or something like sfml in c++, or some open source project. UCD has a game dev club should I join that or focus on my own projects? I feel comfortable in Unity, but UCD is heavily c++ focused so I have been spending my time mastering the concepts in "Effective c++" by Scott Meyers, and reading up my on physics book (physics is a requirement) What's the best way to build my resume? I have only the associates in math and some experience as a math tutor at the cc I attended. I led a group tutoring session so that is nice on my resume, but this industry wants one thing and one thing only: work experience. How can I get that sought after gem? Would my own projects count? Github projects? Should I try to get internships next summer - and would one in something such as general software engineering be valuable work experience in this industry? What other advice can you think of to give a student? Seriously, I have an open mind - if you can think of something that would be valuable to me that I haven't mentioned please do share. What new PC game that will be coming out are you excited for (not one that is out already)? Personally, I am excited for the new Metro. I just played Metro 33 redux and it was such an impressive game I am sure the new one will be spectacular. Thank you for any help in advanced. That is all I can think of atm, but if I have more concerns arise I will add to this - also, I don't want the post to get too long. I look forwards to your response!
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