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    Legalities for Game Companies and Minors

    Thank you everyone for the kind and helpful replies. Although they weren't the replies I was looking for, stepping back and going over everything, I think they were the responses I needed. I agree that I need to make good games before thinking about publishing, and that school is important. I think I am probably going to go into personal publishing (As an Individual on the App store), and just work and collaborate with my friends on games if I need to. Being a minor, it is very hard to find the right information on the internet about business, law, and other things I would need before publishing anything commercially, because everything is geared towards adults, who don't have legal limitations with this kind of stuff. There isn't much to cater to us in terms of information to helping us understand the market, or legal stuff. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know, but it is nice to see such a nice community who can help give information to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to access it. Hopefully, going towards the Individual Development doesn't deter me from creating games, and I hope to come to this forum often because of the great community it seems to be! Thanks Again, Illegal Seagulls (Not LLC... for a while at least)
  2. Hello, this is my first post, and originally I wasn't going to even join this community, but I thought it would be a good idea. Especially because the people at Reddit ignored my post completely. Being a Minor (I am about to be a sophomore in high school), I have about three years of coding experience. I also have been composing music, and I have many friends who do many other things that happen to coincide with game development (I will get to this next). Currently, me and two friends are wanting to start a development company. I have had a good amount of experience in Unity, and I am well versed with JavaScript, as well as learning C#. I have a friend who does a lot of art and pixel art, who also is well versed in JavaScript (no experience in anything other than Pocessing.js) and a friend who has the same if not more experience with JavaScript, as well as advanced GameMaker skills. In terms of technology, coding levels, music, art design, and pretty much everything else that actually creates the full game experience, we are set and ready to go. The problem is legal issues. My parents are not too fond of me starting a company now, because they think school is more important (I go to a special program at my school, which is similar to STEM mixed with avid, but includes all classes, which I could easily do this for projects), and legally, none of us are old enough to actually create a company (I have researched into LLC's, DUNS Numbers, Apple Developer, and a lot of the other publishing/marketing stuff we'd need for a company and actually publishing the apps). I know, if we continue, we will probably need legal advice from an actual attourny (especially because laws vary by state so a lot of information might not be correct on the internet), but I was wondering if any of you either have experience starting a company/software development company as a minor, or if any of you know anything that might help us on our endeavor legally so we can have our own business. We already have options of people who are above 18 who will help us with this and will more than likely help us with being the legal organizer of the company, but other than that, we are a little blind. If you have any information that would be helpful, that would help us so much! Illegal Seagulls LLC (Hopefully at least!)
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