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    AI will lead to the death of capitalism?

    Well, I don't think that the problem is the technology itself but rather the people that are using it! That's very apocalyptic. All predictions are false, the question now is to know at which degree your statement is true. Yes whatever the system is, we must be more ecologically sustainable. That's not even a choice. Actually, we are experimenting the dumbest experiment in history which is knowing of much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental crisis. Thanks for sharing that with us, I really wasn't aware of how bad things are going. But I think we should remain optimistic no matter what, even if it's pretty much given that we will surpass the 2 degrees. By remaining optimistic, we can manage to find a solution
  2. selimchehimi

    AI will lead to the death of capitalism?

    Yes and political work is already kind of being done by AI as computers are already helping laywers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this! @ChaosEngine That's very interesting because most people are always saying that humans will repairs the robot and so new jobs will be created. But I agree with you and I think that it will not be the case. That's so true, the problem with AI is what it can do to accomplish the goal. Another example would be if we ask our AI to make a coffee: it will know that the human can turn off its switch button so it will disable it to make the coffee. That's not what we want. We need to makes AI that learn what we values and what we really want. Thanks to all of you guys for sharing what you think, I read all the posts and it's very interesting!
  3. selimchehimi

    AI will lead to the death of capitalism?

    Oh sorry for that, I thought that the section was for AI in general not just for video games. I agree with you, and I like this view on self-sustainable machines, so if they are we could end up having a big problem. I also think that some people over exaggerate Artificial Intelligence (e.g. AI replace humans) but I do think that some jobs can be replaced by AI (delivery workers/self-driving cars). And so nowadays it may be the AI race right? :D That's exactly right, the problem is humans, not the technology itself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it Yeah, that's true, we will just have to adapt I guess! Although if AI do the basics, most jobs will be gone ahah
  4. Hey everyone! Recently I've been thinking a lot about AI, Automation, and jobs. I think that Artificial Intelligence will lead to the death of capitalism. A new economy, which will be incredibly productive but will not need a lot of human workers, might appears. Humans will have to adapt and reconsider the idea of working for a living (a Universal Basic Income will probably be necessary). Our biggest challenge will be to find the meaning of life when work will no longer be an obligation. Some believe that we’ll be free from work, others believe that work is essential to human being. In my opinion, it's a good thing because AI will liberate us from repetitive and boring tasks. Humans will have the chance to focus on what they excel the most i.e. creativity. What do you think guys? I would love to know what you think about AI and unemployment. I've made a video about this here:
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