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  1. [Fantasy TBS] Looking For Feedback On Combat

    It's somewhat more complicated than this. As you progress through the game, you unlock additional types of attacks. The full rules are: To hit, attack skill + 6d - d6 roll has to exceed defense skill + shield + d6 - d6 roll If the attacker's roll is 5 (+6-1), it's a critical hit (always hits, ignores armor, deals double damage) RANGED attacks ignore defense skill SKIRMISH or MAGIC attacks halve it (round down) Shields perform at 150% against SKIRMISH attacks (round down) They perform at 200% against regular RANGED attacks GUNPOWDER attacks ignore shields MAGIC and LIGHTNING attacks halve the shield value (round down) MAGIC SHIELD spell adds 2 to the shield value after the rules above were applied ILLUSORY attacks ignore shields, including those created by MAGIC SHIELD spell If an attack hits, attacker rolls for damage, defender's armor value is subtracted AP (armor piercing), GUNPOWDER and LIGHTNING attacks halve armor value FIRE attacks ignore armor Critical hits ignore armor STONE SKIN spell adds 2 to the armor value after the above rules were applied ILLUSORY attacks ignore armor and effects of STONE SKIN spell I got your point about simplifying combat to the point where you don't have to issue any orders during fights. I'll meditate on it. Thanks, Kavik Kang, I'll take this into consideration.
  2. [Fantasy TBS] Looking For Feedback On Combat

    Thanks! Having multiple phases allows to have paper - scissors - rock relationships, where archers can shoot chargers, who dominate melee fighters, who in their turn use their shields to deflect arrows. Looks like it's not enough to introduce non-trivial decisions to every battle, though. Thanks again for taking time to check it out! I owe you one.
  3. Hello All, I made a prototype of a fantasy TBS (heavily) inspired by Axis and Allies. For combat, I added turn phases and probability for a target to shrug off damage. I'm curious if this adds, in your opinion, the right amount of decision-making to a still very simple combat model. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. The PC executable for the prototype can be downloaded at Thanks, Valambrian
  4. Game server for (yet another) MMO game.

    Have you considered a cloud solution like Amazon or Google? It can give you flexibility to adjust for the game's popularity and avoid the need to upgrade the server under pressure or to switch to a less powerful machine in order to save money.