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    Hi! My name's Daniel Docherty, I'm a composer and sound designer from Glasgow, Scotland, currently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (a stones throw from NYC, Phillie, DC and Baltimore). I can provide professional music in a variety of styles for your project, with professional experience with orchestral, hybrid, 8-bit, band (jazz, reggae, rock) and electronic music (hip hop, trap, future bass, EDM). I also have experience with Wwise and FMOD integration too, as well as experience editing audio and dialog for Radio Free Brighton, a public radio station in Brighton, England. Check below for some examples of my work and let me know if you think me and your project are a good fit! Message me on here or email at danieldochertymusic@gmail.com Puedo trabajar en Español también. RETRO AND 8-BIT MUSIC SHOWREEL: SCI-FI AND FANTASY THEMED SHOWREEL: HORROR SHOWREEL: MUSIC FOR CHILDREN: HIP HOP AND POP PLAYLIST: FILM AND GAME MUSIC PLAYLIST: https://soundcloud.com/daniel-docherty-music/sets/film-music
  2. Spaceshooter Retrofabulous Join us!

    Of course. If you need SFX too, let me know.
  3. Spaceshooter Retrofabulous Join us!

    Hey, I'm a composer and sound designer. I've done some retro/8-bit music and sound design before, if you'd like to listen to this short showreel (the second and 4th pieces are probably in the right vein, no?) and let me know what you think!
  4. Horror Text-Based Android Game

    I sent you an email
  5. Gathering indie mobile game team- all skills (especially artist)

    To the OP.
  6. Gathering indie mobile game team- all skills (especially artist)

    Hi, I sent you an email.
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