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  1. Project Idra

    First Alpha

    I published a first and very short Alpha of Project Idra on Indiexpo. Here is the link: https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/projectidra
  2. Project Idra

    [Android][iOS] Idle Space

    Nice game, the art style is very good, and I like bullet hell style
  3. Project Idra

    Ultimate Prepper - 2d mobile survival clicker game

    Nice graphic, it is f2p?
  4. Project Idra

    Artworks for feedback (Cows VS Vikings)

    I really love the style because I hate the black border
  5. Project Idra

    Project: Idra

    Idra's most important Warriors' codenames correspond to their hair color. The main character's hair is brown, so his name's Brown. Brown's Concept Art Brown's the character you're going to play with (don't worry, he looks better in pixels). Finally, I've enlightened the settings, they're not dark anymore. Lights up!
  6. Project Idra

    Project: Idra

    Project: Idra is a Pixel Art graphics Action & Adventure game. We are in a not-so-far future and the protagonist's a guy who's working for Idra, an organization which aims to punish criminals, exiling them in a no return dimension (kind of a dimensional prison). Their logo is, indeed, a severed Hydra's head, representing their very first aim: rid the evil off the planet. The Idra's logoThe game starts with our first mission, but this is just a pretext, because the plot will get thicker, revealing that things are not what they seem at all.As stated above, it's an Action-Adventure game, with an aerial point of view. The main part of the gameplay consists of catching the criminals with the aid of our high-tech weapon (looks like a gun, anyway) and dodging the enemies' attacks (getting hit will lead you to a no going back dimensional exile. Maybe...). You'll be able to decide your own way of approaching, either sneaking up or opening fire. Enemies of the same kind may be different from one another: each of them will be given random statistical values, referring to speed, precision etc., and those will affect the enemy's level.What appears to be a frightening hospital, is actually the Idra's dorm.The dialogues are along the lines of "Undertale", the textbox contains sort of a mugshot of the character speaking. The point is there will be total freedom of choice: no laid out path, you'll decide on your own.An example(in italian)The soundtrack's very important, each character'll have his/her own theme, and settings too. The tracks I've produced at the moment may not be definitive. The game's both in English and Italian, but I hope it will be possible to include other languages in the future. The script's being translated to English. Our first mission"Project: Idra" is a temporary title.I'll release some more updates and the main characters' concept arts soon. I'm open to suggestion, even "game developing isn't for you, just give up"!
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