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  1. melissadingmon

    Developer Day at TwitchCon

    Held on October 19 in Long Beach, CA. At the event, attendees will get "under the hood" of the Twitch API, hear case studies from successes and failures, and learn how to build their business on Twitch. Potential attendees must request a ticket to attend. Tickets are free and also include a three-day pass to TwitchCon. Game creators and stream tools developers at all levels – from hobbyists to AAA studios – are encouraged to request a ticket. For those unable to be in Long Beach, TwitchDev will be streaming sessions live on twitch.tv/twitchdev and uploading all presentations after the event. More info on the event page: https://www.twitchcon.com/developers/ Hi, I work at Twitch.
  2. until
    Hi! I work for Twitch. We are hosting--and streaming--an event on August 31st where we will launch new tools for developers. This announcement will most directly impact game developers and full stack web developers that are hobbyists, small business developers, and indie developers. Visit the event page for more information: https://twitchdevplatformrevealrequest.splashthat.com Request an Invite if you'd like to join us for this event in-person. And join the Twitch Developer community at dev.twitch.tv! Thanks!
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