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  1. nosferatu323

    Your ideas about a superhero action-adventure game

    Thanks for your comment. That's right! We are looking for the puzzles that the player would say "Haha that was hilarious" after solving them. Do you have any examples or ideas? We think we can have our superhero, still. For example some of our puzzles can involve defeating giant robots, by solving some sort of puzzle. Although there is not much action involved, the way our puzzles are presented to the player can give him the impression of a superhero. What do you think? We have currently limited the abilities of our superhero to flying and a very powerful punch.
  2. nosferatu323

    Your ideas about a superhero action-adventure game

    Thanks for your comment, I think that's true. To figure out what those rules are, we need to think about the possibilities of puzzles being solved by some superhero, so we can come up with a useful set of rules. Do have any ideas about some puzzles that can be solved by some superhero abilities?
  3. Hey all, We are working on a 2D action-adventure game with an emphasis on "adventure" . The game involves two playable characters, one of them is a superhero. The abilities of our superhero are open. His main characteristic is that he can manipulate and transform things in a stupid and humorous way. He shaves a gorilla to help him become a human! The main challenge for us is to deliver the superhero experience to the player within the context of a 2D action-adventure game. The superhero must use his powers to solve puzzles and overcome the villain in various encounters. We also require some basic mechanics like simple jumping and punching. The closest thing that comes to my mind is Valiant Heart. We will have some classic puzzles in sequences when the superhero is not present, but we would need a different set of mechanics and different sort of puzzles for the superhero to give the player a vastly different feel. What do you think about it? How can we achieve creating the superhero experience -without too much action- using very basic mechanics? What kind of puzzles our superhero must face? and how can he solve them in his superhero style? Some examples and inspiration from other games might be helpful. Cheers.
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