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  1. I'm using SRP authentication on my project.
  2. I'm programming own server so this information is very critical as i want to make sure i'm implementing stuff the right way. Awesome stuff above this comment
  3. That actually is best answer so far ! You are right when you say it's "more complex and mystical than it really is" because i know it's simple but it takes some little steps before you get it right. Now i know what i'm gonna do ! Thank you for this lesson !
  4. That is what i'm ultimately asking, i need to write handlers after all. I will try to look information from google for it. Thank you.
  5. Is there any "code" example of such handler ? I'm currently reading and working with state machine sample and i would love to see how others are implemented it. This is actual event you are talking about, OnInteract, right ? Does your clients subscribe to NPC or in larger event manager thing ?
  6. Okey, thank you for information ! I will bookmark this topic and reply here if i get problems whit SP quest system !
  7. I'm thinking that huge amount of actions are handled easier with such system.
  8. I'm probably just confused what i'm doing I have done quest system on single player game so yes this is multiplayer specific problem. For networking part i would like to understand how quest progress is implemented. Like if i kill critter i should call OnKill event and find out who killed the critter and handle quest progress on server side, that is why im asking for event manager specific question. Sorry about my english, i'm not native speaker Edit. Should i ask this question from different sub-forum ?
  9. Main reason why im asking this is problem how i script my quests on the npc and how to implement that on the server side. Yes i know i could write class for each quests and maybe have state machine on that npc which my player is interacting but is there any example of this ?
  10. Hello ! I have been developing my MMO server for couple of years and i have re-wrote it couple of times as i have improved in coding in general. I'm using asynchronous socket whit google's protobuf, SRP authentication on login server, token transaction to correct game server and efficient stream cipher for encryption. Whole authentication process takes 400ms while database is on the AWS cloud. For the question, i'm having hard time to understand correct way to handle game events. In example: Player is wandering in the world and wants to talk to NPC to obtain quest. Player interacts NPC by sending NPC's id to server Server answers to client is that interaction possible (ie. wrong faction npc don't wanna talk to you) and server also send that particularly NPC data to client so we can build up simple questlog or text menu for user. How this happens internally on the server side ? In my mind i'm thinking that every time player interacts with NPC it would popup event OnInteract/onAction on the NPC class and that class will forward correct data for correct client internally (check my "logic picture"). But im not sure is this correct way to do it. Also i'm thinking of should i queue these events and process them on each server frame/loop to have synchronized world ? Do you have any example of such event manager and answer for my later game loop question or can you point me to the valid source of information ? I'm happy to reply if you like to ask anything more specific. Thank you in advance!
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