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  1. lucinpub

    [.net] "Image" processing

    yeah, thats what I was thinking, but I'm hoping there is some api call out there so I dont have to bother with all that. If it comes to that, Ill be able to handle it fine, I just have so much other code to write I don't want to add too much more :)
  2. lucinpub

    [.net] "Image" processing

    Unfortunately no, vanilla .net 2.0 framework only. Good suggestion though, thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, long time no post. Got a quick (hopefully) question. It's not really image processing. I need to process thousands of image files and one of the early steps is to look at the height and width of the image. At this point that is all I need from the file. Right now, my code just loads the file into a Bitmap using Bitmap.FromFile( string path ) and then queries the height and width. This is much too slow (some of the files are pretty large). Does anyone know a quicker way to get this info from an image file? My google search hasn't given me anything useful yet. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  4. lucinpub

    Revolution time

    Quote:Original post by Cosmic One Revolution is about 2-3 times the power of the already comparatively weak Gamecube Just wanted to point out that the gamecube actually sits in the middle of the three consoles, so its not actually that weak. The fact that they are only shooting for a small improvment...meh.
  5. If you are Windows only, you could use Evolution. There is a free 10 user 30 day license available, and a currently unpublicized "free for open source projects" deal ( not sure if you are opensourcing your work, but a good deal nontheless ). You will find Evolution to be a much easier solution as there is no configuration required for remote access other than forwarding a port on your router ( if you have one ). Oh, and gdnet+ members can get paid licenses for $50 (normal price = $550 )
  6. lucinpub

    Fun Question :)

    Quote:Original post by Ra Quote:Original post by NickyP101 -3^2 = ??? Since there is no differentiation here between the minus sign used for negative numbers and subtraction, we'll go with subtraction making this equal -9. Except subtraction is a binary operator and requires a lhs.
  7. lucinpub

    The Evolution of Contextual Play, or "Playing the

    I would love to be looped in to any info you have in this area Oluseyi. We are getting ready to add a lot of artist specific functionality to Evolution. Binary diff is something that Evolution already does, but it will soon (a month or two) be capable of image diffing. Lucas Heneks
  8. lucinpub

    God of War

    actually, the main designer didnt work on onimusha. He was the designer of Twisted Metal prior to working on God of War.
  9. lucinpub

    version control system

    Hey, guys- I work at ionForge, makers of the aforementioned Evolution. There are free licenses available here . We also offer a big discount to gd+ members. It is a commercial quality system, so you get real support and usage/administration is much easier than with cvs ( speaking from experience there [smile] ). Give it a look. Plus, you can get help from me here!
  10. lucinpub

    [web] PHP / ASP

    From PHP tutorial code project has tons of ASP stuff I'm sure code project your best friend is [google]
  11. lucinpub


    Codewarrior's biggest advantage in game development is that they produce game console compilers, ie gamecube, ps2 and GBA compilers, whereas MS, IBM, Borland etc don't.
  12. I haven't had this problem, but you could try restarting your machine if you haven't already. Also check the Microsoft forums. I'll try to find a link.
  13. Nope. It's a the dotproducted multiplied by n, which is a vector.
  14. You will need a threading library, whether it is the standard win32 stuff or boost or one of the probably dozens of others. I recommend boost. Check
  15. Quote:Original post by Oluseyi std::vector<std::vector<T> >
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