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  1. We have just implemented Evil Voiceover for players actions in Bouncy Bob, and it is super cool - just take a look, (and don't forget to turn sound on): List of all added voices: -Outstanding -Perfect -Good -Good Job -Bullseye -Perfect Aim -Airwalk -Elevation -Double Kill -triple Kill -Multi Kill
  2. Blessed by bug !

    Fun fact story from Bob's development: During early stages of dev our character could only jump, so main gameplay mechanic looked like this: Later on some strange bug occured. Wnem you were pressing "aim" button player was jumping (in mid air), and it was not ment to behave like that. We have made some play test sessions with that, and during them this bug was providing a ton of fun... So we have polished it and made into game as FLYING! It was not much work and results are superb. So dont always fix all of your bugs guys ! Sometimes bugs can be a blessing P.S. Here you can se a gameplay trailer and more info about Bouncy Bob: Thanks
  3. One Button Game

    Our goal was o make simple and difernet controls. It was not that easy (normally player has like 200 lines of code for movement and our has 800 +) but effect is interesting, easy to learn, but hard to master
  4. Levels Polishing

    When you are polishing your game it's important do do as much iterations of level design as possible. On every level we do at least 5 cycles of: Steam page of Bouncy Bob with gameplay trailer and more screenshots: Thank you for your time
  5. One Button Game

    Bouncy bob is one button game, here is simple overview of how our controls work: There is gameplay video trailer on Bob's steam page:
  6. In just 7 weeks till steam version has to be completed. Tomorow we will be implementing last enemy (gif). This skull/zombie/spider will be the easiest enemy to defeat (no attack ability). But I guess it is the crepiest one Here are other enemies from single player mode: Bouncy Bob steam page:
  7. Steam Page

    Few days ago we have published Bob's steam page. It is quite popular, and lots of people is subscribing to wishlist. Take a look for more details about game, and dont forget to subsrcibe as well if you like it: Ok, some advertising for today is done, and now im going back to level polishing
  8. 2 weeks ago we have made this gameplay capture video (it is used as 1 st official trailer for Bob's steam page): here is steam page: Since than we have implemented some UI (its almost done), made tweaks into AI of enemies, and polished levels a bit. Now we are implementing 5 levels of speed/dificulty (it was suggested by some vievers that speed of hero is low - so we fixed it in some smart way that will allow you to choose form 5 diferent tempos of gameplay. First one will be almost slow motion, than normal , and last one will be verry fast and demanding). We hope this will provide more fun for players. Update and videos on this subject will be added soon.
  9. Medieval Story looks verry nice, I'v already added it to my wishlist and Im avaiting some special offer :)