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  1. So, I've been in some forums in the past and I recall someone telling me that I sound like I want to play games instead of making them. This took place about 2 years ago, but I keep coming back to this scenario in my mind because I find it REALLY hard to not be passionate about games, gaming and then game development unless you're just looking to make some crappy 3 match clone game on the android. I truly feel that if you're interested in game development then your ass should at least be somewhat of a gamer. Perhaps you've gamed in the past and understand gamer terminology and genres. Like, RTS, MMO, RPG, Platformer, Adventure, Puzzle, 2D, 3D, third person, first person, Rail Shooter, Beat Em Up, Hack N Slash, etc. I think that if you want to at least have a 0.5% chance increase of luck in making a successful game, your ass BETTER BE a gamer. If not, then you're in the wrong business or you're just in the gaming industry but really don't play games and just know marketing or whatever job allows you the ignorance. A good example and proof of what I'm saying is....if you're developing an RPG game and don't know what DPS or AOE stand for, then you probably don't play RPG games and will fail....so ultimately, you should be a gamer years ahead of even contemplating designing/programming such a thing. Unless you're just a concept artist or someone who isn't involved in the actual mechanics of the game-play. (no offence, I love artists of all types.) Now that I have that off my chest, I have a question for people who got involved in game development because they were die-hard gamers earlier on in life or maybe still currently. How do you find time for learning more game dev, making your prototypes and balancing actual gaming and adult responsibilities? I'm in my thirties and I ask because even if you buy one game, it can have DLC and never-ending game-play and social interaction online with micro-transactions and a completely different world to lose yourself in. Do you stay away from MMO and just play single player campaign games or indie games to analyze and call it a day? There must be something you guys are doing right. What keeps you from reverting to the slacker you once were? If you were never a slacker then I apologize, but I must confess that I am one. I'm not a troll...just trying to figure this out. I own 20 something games for ps4 and just something like Elder Scrolls online can keep people on there for like 48 hours straight. I don't see it as easy as controlling other things. Maybe I have an addiction problem, I don't know, but I do want to design and have messed around with a few engines in the past. Please, if you have never made a game before and are an aspiring shovelware developer, don't answer this question. If you have made 1 or 2 games that have made at least 1$ profit in a month then I'd like your opinion.
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