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  1. Leaderboards Without a server?

    I'm probably not understanding my options; and I hope i am now. But to make sure I am this is how it SHOULD be set up. Client connects to website, website connects to Database submitting Longin/account information with high score data. . Database stores it and sorts it. At a set interval of time Database should send the information to update on the website so the Client can see the information on website and in the game? And I will look into getting a tower and converting it to a database and one to convert into a webserver(to save on domain hosting costs down the road?).
  2. Leaderboards Without a server?

    So would it be easier to use Apache as a go between or as the overall host for the site and leaderboard database? Or am i missing the point completely?
  3. Leaderboards Without a server?

    From what I'm gathering I can just have it pulled from the website and mirrored/pulled into the game when you click the leaderboard option? If so I'll just go that route. That leads me into my next question- would a website be able to auto sort high scores that are submitted and update it daily? Is it much more feasible to have it update weekly? This may sound like a dumb question but whats Apache?
  4. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me out here. I'm working with a small team of people to make a game; something simple to start before we start major work on a grander game we have in mind. We may end up making more prior to the launch of the main thing. With that out of the way; the first project to get our feet wet in Unreal and basics is to make a basic shooter/survival like game- what better way to make people wanna play than some competitiveness? I want to add a leaderboard to track peoples scores and how long they survive. Downside is I don't have money for a server(though a basic shell may be viable if it is absolutely needed.) Is there a way to make a leaderboard option without the use of a server? maybe having it stored on say a google document or a page on the main website and have it parsed/pulled and shown in game? Thank you in advance.
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