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    Decentralized Application Marketplace

    There are two main differences which we've noticed when reviewing lbry: Their platform is geared toward general digital content, while Spheris's focus is strictly on software. We believe that a platform built for a very broad range of content has its disadvantages, in terms of focus, usability and features. Having said that, lbry does look like a very nice project, and we wish them success! From what we understand, their platform is built on top of their own blockchain solution, while ours uses the power of Ethereum blockchain to make things work. These are quite different, yet valid, approaches to build a decentralized platform. We do actually think there will be client applications that speak both protocols, it's just a matter of time. The open-source nature of both projects opens up the door for a lot of new cool and creative ways to build on top of our platforms. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Hello everyone,We're trying to create a new open-source app distribution platform (named Spheris), and are really interested in your thoughts and perhaps even collabs.Spheris is built on top of the idea of decentralization, which makes a lot of cool things possible:No registration and transaction fees, no technical restrictions, optional anonymity, no need for banks or credit card companies, sell/buy with Spheris tokens which you will then be able to exchange for other currencies such as ETH or BTC to be able to buy a lot of other different things. One of the interesting things to note is that once your app is on the blockchain, it's there for good. Nobody will be able to remove it (except for yourself) because of the decentralized nature of the platform. For example, issues like Legalities for Game Companies and Minors which was posted on here not long ago are essentially non-issues on Spheris.We are in the early process of gathering valuable feedback from devs, and see if this is a platform that devs would like to be on. Naturally, we think that indie devs can greatly benefit from publishing on such a platform.You can have a look at https://spheris.io for more information about the project.Your questions and feedback are much appreciated,Thanks!
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