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  1. devMandarkk

    My second complete game!

    Hello everybody! I started the new year with pushing my second complete game live onto the app store! The game is called Lava Temple! In between my first and second game I have come such a long way! I know my games arent perfect, but Im getting there! If you decide to check it out let me know what you think! https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1329474553 I also have a youtube channel where I share the things I have learnt along my journey as well as the current and future projects Im working on. So if thats something youre interested in drop by and say hi!
  2. devMandarkk

    Where to start?

    Its great to know the kind of game you want to start with starting off with such a big project when youre new can often lead to a lot of confusion and disappointments. Im also a beginner like you, and I had similar ambitions for a long time and such goals really prevented me from progressing forward as a game developer for a very long time. I wont ask you to shelf your project forever, but its important to learn how to walk before you can jump. Try and focus on smaller projects. Get some complete and finished projects under your belt. Start with a project which will take you a week to make. And then another one, slowly work your way up to projects which will take you longer and are therefore bigger in scope etc. As you progress these small projects will really give you a lot of motivation and they will be something you can fall back on in times of despair when all goes south. The last couple of months for me have been about completing projects, small ones. I have two complete projects which are live on the app store! I know that they arent ground break or great by any stretch of the imagination but I am very proud of what I have accomplished. The good thing about small projects is that they have a small scope so you can see the end or you can imagine it when you start on the project. I recently started a youtube channel where I share some tutorials and teach people how I made my first games and I talk about the lessons that I have learnt! If that is something that interests you check out and I hope that it will be helpful for you! All the best on your project!
  3. devMandarkk

    My first few games!

    Hello everybody! I recently got back into game development using unity in the past 4-5 months and have made a lot of progress. After flopping around for a while I finally decided to try and finish my first game and that was much harder then I thought it would be! I have made a quick little video about my thoughts regarding the projects so have a look and I hope you like it!
  4. devMandarkk

    #1 - Path Finding

    Alright! So, I pretty much abandoned this project for a long time but I finally had some time to have fun with it again so here goes. For a while I had a lot of information overload I went through so many tutorials and the multiple ways of doing the same thing really confused my OCD mind. Anyways, today I decided to just put my foot down and decided to start some work. I have been through most of the tutorials on youtube as well as Udemy. I threw in some random free assets from the asset store to get things going. I started off with player movement and path finding. Using Unity's NavMeshAgent this was easy work. Up next will be NPC/Interactions. Will try and post an exe or something soon as I move along!
  5. devMandarkk

    Medieval Story released

    I think its amazing! Keep up the great work! What engine did you use while making this? Im also working on a RPG game at the moment using unity.
  6. devMandarkk

    WoA V : Day 5

    this looks really good! Im also going to be starting my blog soon! Quick question where do you get the art for the game assets? They look really neat!
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