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  1. Kepuh's Island : Now we are on Cartase check it out

    i will donate 100 bucks to this game, if you add a nuclear weapon
  2. Wow what a wild game by GalaXa Games Entertainment Interactive. Play now... it's really fun but IF you have epilepsy then don't play. It does not feature flashing pictures, but there is lots of animated stuff that might get ya. Anyway, 4 levels, 2 endings, insane action, BY INFERNAL. Please play it, right nao! Also , nice midi music composed by me is in the game. demons.rar
  3. galaxa.neocities.org/games/40.html
  4. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    the new job pays more cash. easy choice
  5. i added Frank's friend who has a cigarette and some parallax scrolling.
  6. It's very easy to overcome emptiness. Here is how to do it: 1. You need the size of your world. Split the world into 256x256 pixel areas (or higher, lesser). 2. Create a trigger for the entrance of each area, so that when player enters it, either a big boss spawns, earthquake appears, music changes, player dies and etc. 3. Each area should have a decoration that is random and does not appear in the any area that is close to that one And etc.
  7. Input on Adult Content

    it is hard to find because it was not released by a big company, but just by a guy
  8. Input on Adult Content

    There is a game called Bathroom Gang Bang which touches that topic nicely. In the first game we get to have sex, but there is no nudity, so kids wont be creeped out, in the second game john asshole turns people on earth into sex maniacs and kills your friends and in the third one you will have to kill john asshole himself!
  9. Why A.I is impossible

    It is indeed not a possibility to make an A.I, i agree. My points are: Scientists have not yet discovered how human brain works and whats inside of it How can they make insides of the brain work in code?
  10. I need to program a game, in task manager. How do i do it?
  11. Headache 100,5 - A fun arcade game

    hey check it out. it's the best game of this year.
  12. Not a new game by me. A rather old one, but i updated it and added new good stuff. In this game you play as a man who has a very powerful headache. It's so bad , it started to produce HEADACHE POWER (HP) what do they do? Well, here we come to the conclusion.... You press ctrl to create monsters, you lose HP. Click on good monsters to get score and more HP, if you click on bad, you lose both. If you run out of HP, you go into a coma and must get 3 hp otherwise you die and game is over. If you don't do into a coma, play as long as you want and quit by pressing ESC. EPILEPSY WARNING!!!!! DO NOT PLAY THIS IF FLASHING COLOURS MAY BE A BAD THING FOR YE! Headdache100,5.rar
  13. KLOP 3D

    now latest games are on the top of the page
  14. KLOP 3D

    I made this 3d handdrawn game in a few hours today, have fun you can get it off my webpage, but i recommend to get it off glorioustrainwrecks, if you dont like mediafire my webpage - sites.google.com/site/c3ksoft/games/rgmhell scroll down for the latest games, the game should be down there soon
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