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  1. Lamentation

    Spell System - turn based combat

    Thanks, but not really sure how that helps me. Do you mean like I have it up there, generic spell class with activate(Cast()) function?
  2. Hello everyone. For the last few days I've been trying to come up with a good way to implement spell system for my turn-based (grid) game. I recently found out about Scriptable Objects and they seem like a perfect tool for implementing this system. First I started with thinking about different types of spells and effects that I'd have in a game. So what I came up with is, buffs and debuffs (single and multi target, last through X turns), auras, direct damage spells (single target, aoe(multiple tiles)) with or without projectiles and on-hit effects. I believe SOs would be a good idea because they would make it easy(hopefully) to customize different spells just through inspector. I'm having a hard time with starting all of this. I have an idea but I feel like it's very inefficient and just a mess overall. Ok, so direct dmg spells seem like an easiest thing of the bunch, but for buff/debuffs, I think I should have an array of those in each Unit class so I can add them when they are cast and check at the start of turn if they should be removed or not. First thing that came to my mind is make a base abstract class for all spells. public abstract class SpellEffect : ScriptableObject { public string spellName; public string description; public Sprite icon; public float cost; public abstract void Cast(); } And then make a sub-class for each type. public class StatusEffect : SpellEffect { public int numOfTurns; public float modAmount; public float modPerTurn; public StatType statType; public TargetType targType; public override void Cast() { } } public class DirectDamage : SpellEffect { public float damage; public Projectile projectile; public StatusEffect debuff; public bool useProjectile = false; public bool useDebuff = false; public TargetType targType; public override void Cast() { } } Something like that. I really don't know where or how to begin exactly. I would really appreciate some help and pointers. Thanks.
  3. I was also thinking about this problem when I started making my game (also pixel art). I decided to go this route and just scale 2x,3x... and then letterbox if their resolution is not the same aspect ratio and my game. I'm doing it in 16:9 aspect ratio and 640/360 as my native resolution. That seems to be the best solution.
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