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  1. i have not tried an engine i am a little familiar with unity developed a small game for a semester project but the main goal is to develop in opengl or some other API without using an engine
  2. thanks for replying @Scouting Ninja i have another question can i render an texture or draw anything behind sprite sheet behind the arc i need render some dots or an image can it be done.
  3. hi i am new to opengl can someone here tell me how to render this 2d shape i want to make curve or arc in 2d in between two lines its a rough sketch i made i tried the internet but could not find much help beacuse their were no specific tutorials of making arcs or curves
  4. @swiftcoder thanks for ur reply i will look into if u have any more suggestions plz let me know
  5. Hi i am new to this forum i wanted to ask for help from all of you i want to generate real time terrain using a 32 bit heightmap i am good at c++ and have started learning Opengl as i am very interested in making landscapes in opengl i have looked around the internet for help about this topic but i am not getting the hang of the concepts and what they are doing can some here suggests me some good resources for making terrain engine please for example like tutorials,books etc so that i can understand the whole concept of terrain generation.