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  1. Eightvo

    i need learn more about the Game Loop

    This question is pretty vague. I'll just describe how I generally do the main game loop, but this is just one of many ways that it can work. I have an object Game... this is the object that contains the main game loop. It also contains a member called ActiveGameScene which implements the interface IGameScene. The IGameScene has three primary responsibilites... Respond to a request, Update the GameState or Render the gamestate. The IGameScene contains a list of IGameSystems. Game Systems are very tightly focused "functionality packets" so, one system may be my input system and another may be my rendering system and there may be many more... lighting systems, ai systems etc. Each System has methods ProcessRequest, Update, and Render. So, the Game contains a Scene which contains a set of Systems and the main game loop is //Pseudo Code //In Game while(running) { while(requestsPending) Scene.ProcessRequest(request); Scene.Update(); Scene.Render(); } //In GameScene ProcessRequest(){ Foreach(ISystem sys in Systems) sys.ProcessRequest(request); } Update(){foreach(ISystem sys in Systems) sys.Update();} Render(){foreach(ISystem sys in Systems) sys.Render();} Then, it's in the specific systems where the interesting things happen. Maybe there is an AI System... //In AI System ProcessRequest(request){ } Update(){ Foreach(AIUnit){ if (AIUnit.CurrentAction==null) { AIUnit.CurrentAction = AIUnit.ChooseNextAction(); } switch(AIUnit.CurrentAction) { case Idle : Break; case Attack: AIUnit.Attack(); break; case Move: AIUnit.Position+= (AIUnit.Dest-AIUnit.Pos).Normalize(); } } }
  2. Good Morning, A few days ago I had posted an announcment on reddit, stating that I was in search of Developers, Artists and other talent to form a Game Development team. The original announcement can be found below. Unfortunately, although we were able to interest developers and a sound technician. And we were able to find artists interested in helping us generate assets, we were unable to find anyone willing to take on the role of Artistic Lead. The role we are currently attempting to fulfill can be summerized as follows: Role: Art Director/Artistic Lead Status: 0 of 1 positions filled Req: There is a laundry list of tasks that would benefit from a good artist. Now, bear in mind that the artist will not necessarily be asked to generate every asset in use... but they would be in charge of ensuring that all art collected and modified (with proper licensing) or generated (by any member of the team) fits a unified aesthetic, they will also be integral to the selection of the proper aesthetic for a game based on the mood the game is attempting to convey. In addition to 2D sprites we will need GUI elements, Tilemap textures, splash screen art... 3D Modeling will not be an immediate concern (It would be a very big plus). The artist would however need to be willing to eventually tackle 3D modeling or coordinate the efforts of an eventual additional 3D modeling team member. The artist should should also be able maintain the metadata files. For instance GraphicsGale has an export to .csv function that is useful for generating sprite atlases. If you would be interested, please PM the reddit user Eightvo (poster of following announcement) or contact via email at Eightvo8080 at Gmail dot com.
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