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  1. MintyLyton

    Learning How to be Better

    I was told to make my games visually appealing in my Game Programming College. That idea might have just stuck with me for awhile actually. What I wanted to do was create a list of youtube tutorials for content that might seem appealing to people. One of the ideas I initially had was a complex inventory system which could use custom items, filter through, organize and delete items based on identifier tags.
  2. MintyLyton

    Learning How to be Better

    Thanks for the insight. Most of the time I spend making notes is with the intention of retaining information or looking back if I need them in the future. I just don't want to mistake that with spending too much time spending on note taking rather than learning. I think my new question might be now is where to prioritize learning as a programmer while still looking for a job. As it is now, I'm looking for hobby projects to work on since I like creating content to learn / practice skills. Also I'm bad at thinking of content to make to showcase in my portfolio
  3. I'm looking for any team / people that need a programmer for their project. I'm looking to expand my portfolio which you can see Here. I'm more experienced with Unity but I can spend the time to learn new Engines if that's your preference. I have worked on Unreal Engine 4 before but I might take some time to re-learn it, if the project requires it. Feel free to DM here or use the contact info on my website.
  4. Hey everyone, I just have a question about how programmers take notes / learn new skills. I'm currently learning how to make shaders in Unity but I was just wondering what kind of notes I should be making. I'm not good at some of these algorithms being used (ex creating a vertices for a mesh... etc) but I was wondering if I should take notes on these as well as notes on shaders. in my personal experience, I have trouble learning new things (Practice makes perfect!) but I was wondering if it would be more efficient to spend less time making detailed notes and more time creating content. As of now, I'm working on tutorials / making a game during my free time.
  5. MintyLyton

    Learning Pathfinding

    Ill look into this pattern in my spare time. I was just curious to see if people implement it and under what conditions would need the search pattern. Yup Im watching Sebastian Lague 's youtube tutorials and he does a implementation on priority queues which is nice. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to implement triggers for jump behaviour's or add in a "jump cost" to the heuristics when the grid is calculating a path.
  6. MintyLyton

    Learning Pathfinding

    Hey so I'm new to learning AI pathfinding, specifically learning to implement A*. I wanted to make my own system instead of using arongranberg's version of A* (It's a lot to take in when I don't know how the implementation works). I'm using Unity right now and I was wondering if its better to use multi-threading to create my path-finding instead and how I would go about doing this?
  7. MintyLyton

    Creating a Blog

    Your blog is really extensive. There's a lot of topics that cover cool topics, it's just I haven't had time to read it. Ill take a look at it but I'm still trying to figure out what I want out of my blog. Once I have the references, and my goals figured out Ill probably start out to something similar with what you are doing. Thanks for the advice too!
  8. MintyLyton

    Creating a Blog

    That makes a lot of sense if you put the idea of game development into perspective. My original goal was to create games with a one month-ish time scope so what I might do is a monthly process of video blogs. However, I still want to do the video editing weekly, to not have myself burnout on the final week of creating a video and deciding what goes into the video. Whats your video series btw? Ill take a look at it maybe as a slight reference to content that I want to create. I hope your series gets even bigger and kudos to you!
  9. MintyLyton

    Online Game Jams

    Hey anyone got tips for doing online game jams? I just finished my first one but all I learned was to be better at communicating and find the strengths and weakness of your teammates. I was just wondering if anyone else had tips with dealing with people across the globe
  10. MintyLyton

    Creating a Blog

    The idea of the video isn't for a tutorial. It probably would be used for updates on my progress. Of course I would leave anything programming related in text. I've had my own experience looking at programming tutorials on Youtube and its such a pain in the ass to even follow sometimes because the creator has a hard time conveying their message.
  11. MintyLyton

    Creating a Blog

    Some developers kind of get a bit really personal with their situation. Do you think I should add that as well? There are some blogs that just get a bit too depressing sometimes but others know how to control the flow of their video / blog
  12. MintyLyton

    At what time do you sleep and wake up?

    I've done research on the long term effects and honestly I would do it, if my situation was different. Once I able to have a sustainable lifestyle, I would love to do 7-9hrs of sleep, but since I'm not there yet, I want to increase my productivity. I'm not at a point where my thought processes are affected by having a short-term sleep consistency. Thanks for the insight though
  13. MintyLyton

    At what time do you sleep and wake up?

    I usually sleep around 12 am and wake up at 6am. Once I get more of a consistent schedule, and stick with a work out routine, I want to try to sleep 5hrs a day.
  14. MintyLyton

    Creating a Blog

    I'm actually going to spend some of my down-time to watch some of the blogs to get some ideas of how I want to make mine. I kind of want to make my video more oriented to experienced developers though.
  15. MintyLyton

    How to stay motivated?

    I've had a similar mental situation like this. Although I don't personally know your situation, what I've done is download a lot of motivational speeches and play them everyday. I live with like constant anxiety and depression about if I can't make it to game development, Ill be letting people who have supported me down and myself. Some people just need the daily motivation because they've been hard wired for depression for so many years due to their environment. I would also recommend trying to manage your daily habits as well. Personally, I wake up at 6am and sleep at 12am. That is an 18 hour window of productivity which with your 11.5hr daily routine of working and commuting, seems manageable. Follow mentors as well because they can help you when you are feeling down. I follow Gary Vaynerchuck, Eric Thomas, and Tony Robbins to name a few. Set aside time to meditate and reflect too. Meditation in the morning feels great and helps me prioritize goals/tasks, while reflection helps to figure out what went right or wrong and what I could do better the next day. There are some days where you can't follow this kind of routine, but that's okay. As long as you reflect on what happen, and try to figure out a solution to get back on track, you are set for future success. I hope everything works out for you and best of luck!
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