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  1. Braynex

    Game Engine Survey

    Update: There are total of 90 correspondent on the survey. - Survey Done -
  2. Braynex

    Game Engine Survey

    Update: There are currently 72 correspondents, I need more participants guys
  3. Braynex

    Game Engine Survey

    I've added a "Note" above, please check
  4. Braynex

    Game Engine Survey

    Permission to post admin, thank you . Hi everyone! I need help from our group mates who are game developers (full-time, indie, aspiring and hobbyist). I'm currently doing my final year project (thesis/dissertation) in B.S. (Honours) in Computer Science and Software Engineering, which will be submitted this year. My project is related to Game Engine and its architecture. I need to collect more data from users and to be able to do that, I created a survey form online. Please fill-in the form (link below) and provide all relevant and applicable information on every page. Thank you in advance for filling the form . The survey form can be found here -> Google Form . Note: Please do note that if you want to receive a copy of your form (filled form), please provide a valid email address (email will remain anonymous), else just enter a bogus email. As for the name, no need for your full name (hence I put "name" and not "full name"), first name or given name (or your a.k.a./alias) is enough. Of course, it is much better if a valid email and full name were provided, but not mandatory.
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